You can still get "liked" on...

You can still get "liked" on...
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A few days ago I thought about  I once had a page there, or whatever MySpace called its account, but that was way back somewhere in the first term of George W. Bush, about 2003 or 2004.

I thought MySpace had gone the way of Compuserve chat rooms.  Who knows, maybe they are still out there too?  (They are — incorporated into

Curious, I signed up again with MySpace.  It’s interface is still clunky, and a big pop-up ad appears at the bottom of the page, but I’m going to make friends with MySpace, even though I checked and nobody I know is on it.  Not even George W. Bush.

MySpace has re-branded as kind of an artsy alternative to the grandma and grandpa dominated Facebook and its millions of pictures of meat loaf and smoked ribs and drooling babies. decided to initially feature musicians and brands, but has expanded to writers, DJ’s and actors, among other categories.

Even though I am alone in my MySpace world, I will continue to look for intelligent signs of life.   If you want to go back in time you can find me here at  You really can’t “like” me there.  I think the best anyone can do show affinity is to click on a heart icon.

If you remember “Your Friend Tom”, you must have been a user.  Your instant friend Tom was Tom Anderson, one of the founders of MySpace, so he would be your friend even if nobody else would, guaranteeing that you weren’t in the total loser box.   If you want to go back and search for your old account…you can’t.  MySpace was restructured in 2013 and all the old stuff was deleted.

Halloween is close, and now is the time to seek out ghosts, even if they are ghosts that were once in the machine.


My next step is to seek out the Compuserve chat rooms and see what the 1980’s and 1990’s were about again.  I still have that AOL account.

I hope I don’t find any chats that will make me blush.


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