Apple & Tim Cook could make trillions in the weeds

Apple & Tim Cook could make trillions in the weeds

Apple needs to look closer to the earth for its next success.

The new iPhone X has been introduced with a $1000 price tag, and the smart money is betting the phone will sell like-like- the original iPhone.

It may.  No, it will.

People want cool new stuff, and you will find my newest Apple product suggestion below.

I wish Tim Cook would recall Steve Jobs and his earthy likes.  Jobs didn’t believe in bathing back in the early days, just after the birth of Apple in 1976 in a California garage. When the company grew to any size it meant two things when his employees said the boss stank.  He was also a “fruititarinan” for awhile, and ate nothing but fruit. Fruit is  something that comes from the earth, which is loaded with weeds, and can endanger fruit.  Your company is a fruit.

Here is my short open note to Tim Cook.

Dear Tim,

Congrats on the new iPhone.  I know it costs a grand, but I bet it will be a winner.  I want to convince you to turn Apple’s near trillion dollar worth to something that so many need about the home.

A weed trimmer. the-sweet-home-weed-trimmer

Most weed trimmers suck.  No, all weed trimmers suck.

Even the super duper one pictured from

The string breaks or the battery dies or the electric cord gets tangled.

They are the flip phones of yard care.


Steve Jobs appreciated getting close to the earth, so I think the time is right for you to consider a total makeover of this last century tool.

I suggest the name iTrim.  You can have that name for free —if I get to beta test the first  iTrim.

The improvement possibilities are endless, because the faults of current trimmers are endless.

You must get just as pissed off  as I do when the string breaks or the electric cord gets tangled when you’re out doing your yard work.

Phones?  Everybody  has one now. Change the world.  Rescue the world of trimming from the hands of the Big Brother Yard Care companies.

Let me know what you think.


PS, I never got to tell Steve how much I liked the MacII.  I still have it and it’s outlasted 8 PC’s and it still works like out of the box.

Remember, you heard it here first.  iTrim’s will rule!

This is cool, but imagine its cousin as a weed trimmer.

iPhoneX Apple



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