God Save the Trump! Johnny Rotten's "Friend"

My, my, hey, hey, Donald Trump is a Sex Pistol.

Or could be, maybe, according to Sex Pistol front man and punk rock terror, Johnny Rotten.

The other day in an interview, Rotten, who turned the bland grooves of the mid to late 1970’s rock on its collective ear, actually had praise for Donald Trump, and, I might add, Brexit.  From the interview:   “This is a joy to behold for me,” Rotten said. “Dare I say, a possible friend.”

For those who don’t remember –or who were still just an anticipated twinkle in their parent’s eye,–what music sounded like in the mid-to-late-seventies,  are lucky.  Basically, there was Disco, bloated rock big bands that had instruments ranging from the triangle to the tuba, bland ballads by the Captain and Tennille “Muskrat Love”, and progressive rock that combined electronic feedback with pretentious album cuts that lasted…well… seemed like…months.

Johnny Rotten smashed that to pieces.  He couldn’t sing.  He couldn’t play an instrument.  (He could spit). He shouted down everybody from the Queen of England to establishment now “house” musicians in the UK who were being knighted and going  about as dandies with a “sir” in front of their names. .  It was a sight to see, and to listen to.  The “music” created by the Sex Pistols was like kids banging on pots and pans and screaming at each other and all the while keeping their parents locked out of the kitchen, though they provided the chorus.

Punk migrated to the US, but it was never as raw as the Sex Pistols.

And punk rock was regarded as Rock & Roll or Rock’s last stand.

A few oldies got it, like David Bowie and Neil Young, but even the latter is now churning our “government rock”, music that is the antithesis to the rebellion that rock was supposed to stand for, and incorporates a message that God or whatever passes for it today is the state and it must be saved: “state save the state”.

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s the phrase from rock and rollers was “don’t trust the man”.  Now they are the “man” and they sing songs and lecture to their dying audiences about how great the “man” and the “state” combined are for humanity.  Only a politico can make life worthwhile for the masses.

Without the state the music stops, it seems to most Dino Rockers.  Art stops too.  Freedom stops.  They all have been fooled again and again and again by politicos who are too stupid to do anything but be career politicians.

What Rotten says is that Trump is a Sex Pistol.  He came to shake things up and is an outsider to the tune of  the politico and political rhetoric that plays from DC to Main Street.

Maybe.  Trump has a long way to go to be as bad/good as Johnny Rotten.

Hey, hey, my, my, out of the blue and into the black: Trump is here to stay — at least for four years.

Or until the many listeners of Government Rock decide that they need the curtain to come down and the same old song to continue and play the impeachment tune.


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