"Amphicar" Ride... Half car, Half Boat!!

Next time you get frustrated with Lake Shore Drive traffic, think of what could have been: a shortcut across the lake — via your own Amphicar Model 770, first introduced by German car maker Quandt Group.

Quandt made 4000 or so of these not-quite-a-car and not-quite-a-boat, but the concept never became a mass market success.  However, at 4000 units sold, it was considered a popular success for a car that floats and goes.

In the 1960’s, thanks to the space program and the Jetsons, cars were supposed to fly, too.  Certainly by the year 2000.  And some were built that did, but, alas, it seems drivers like to feel the rubber on the road and not in the water or in the friendly skies.  We may get to the flying car yet, as the FAA has approved Terrafugia to start testing prototypes.

So, the next time LSD floods or traffic is backed up, think of the possibililites had the Ampahicar become the new wave.

Here is look at a floating Chevy pick-up truck.  Hey, why not?





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