When are you too old to wear your cap backward?

When are you too old to wear your cap backward?

Full disclosure: I never wore my baseball caps backward.  In fact, after about age eleven, I never wore a baseball cap.  Or any other hat for that matter, except in the worst of winter days when shoveling snow.

The other day I was out and about and I noticed a gray haired guy with his cap on backward.   He might have been forty; he might have been fifty.  Hard to tell. The one thing that did stand out was the cap on backward.  I thought to myself, “C’mon on!  Enough with the “ain’t I cook, down with it, white gangsta wanta be stuff.  Grow up!”

Then I started to notice men well past the age of drinking beer with no consequences with their hats still turned around on their graying or bald or salt and pepper heads.

Maybe it is a cheap way to have a mid life crisis, when the Corvette is out of reach.   So…these guys wake up, go to the hat rack (do they even still have those?) and pick out a cap and sling it on their heads backwards.

What are they thinking?

Hey, I’m still twenty-one and cool?

Man, I still got it with the hat slung back — I’m tough?

I look like a dork.  It’s time to grow up?

You decide.

The Urban Dictionary has its own definition.

Who knows what thoughts, if any, lurk under the cap.

Next, guys who wear their caps and other hats inside.


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