What Will You Do on Your Last Day on Earth?

What Will You Do on Your Last Day on Earth?
Mayan Calendar

Now that the election is over, there is a more important thing to consider.

I’m talking life and death.

Of the planet.

I am referring to the Mayan prediction.

Because the Mayans were not a group either the Democrats or Republicans were pandering to, their prediction of the world’s end has been lost in the public consciousness.

That world ending day is December 21, 2012.

What if you wake up on a fine winter morning and find that things just aren’t right — with gravity, with the tides, with the weather, with the earth itself?

As you watch CNN you find that the world is gradually ending, parts and chunks are flipping, crashing and rolling into itself, what would you do?

Would you sit and be calm, at peace with yourself, or would you panic and run to the imaginary edge of the world, until the disaster catches you?  Would you pray? Curse?  Make a pact with the Devil?  What?

The Mayans are wrong of course.

They  are wrong, we all know that, right? Right?

And if they are not?


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  • This gives Romney time to move his money to Kolob.

  • BTW, your picture is of the Aztec calendar. They came after the Mayans.

  • Yes, yes, Aquinas, we know Romeny is the big bad boogie man. Now go hide under your bed in case he comes to Chicago for some odd reason and wants to grab your retirement check from you and your Medicare benefits.

    As for calendars, you can check the link yourself: http://www.adishakti.org/mayan_end_times_prophecy_12-21-2012.htm

    I would have preferred your criticism as a bad pithy verse, however. See what you can do, eh?

    And it is really small and bad form to drag your politics and your criticism into something that was not meant to have any serious meaning, but you cannot help being too clever by half, can you?

  • I'm sorry like Romney you think of the truth
    As something to stretch like elastic.
    The fact is the calendar pictured is not
    Authentically Mayan but Aztec.

  • Aquinas, honestly, I used to respect you as a teacher, but now I think you were one of those teachers who secretly hated the "little monsters".

    Again, and continuing, you show your bad form and pettiness, by nitpicking at something that was meant for fun and nothing else.

  • My last word on this, or anything else. Why don't you just admit you made a mistake.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Mistake on what, exactly? The end of the world, or the calendar, or mistaking that you drag politics into an innocent blog post?

    If I made an error on the calendar, then so did the source I took it from., which, if you looked, described the calendar as Mayan.

    If this were a journalistic story, trying to make some serious point, then your criticism would be welcome, but it is a puff piece, and you have to ruin it with politics and pettiness and your wanting to subtly denigrate a person.

    It must be a challenge to be Mrs. Aquinas, as every little thing would be subject to your supposed superior intellect and hence correction. God bless the woman.

    Promise me it is your last word on anything.


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