Big Storm. Big Failure. Big Deal

Big Storm.  Big Failure.  Big Deal

Hurricane Katrina had a baby named Sandy, and she was pissed.

Earlier this week, she slammed into the East Coast of the United States and left a number of states and their residents in dire trouble.

There are million without power, without food and water and heat.

People are stuck in high rises without power, and are gradually using up what little food and water they may have.  Even if they can mange up and down some fifty flights of stairs, in many places there are no food providers open due to the power failures.

When big sis Katrina plowed into New Orleans, it was just a matter of hours before George W. Bush was accused of “hating black people” and doing nothing.  Why, he didn’t even swoop in to take a close look for himself.

President Obama will not be accused of that, of hating “ethnic whites” or “jews” or “catholics”.   Rejected by Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama was welcomed for a photo- op by Governor Chris Christie.  Both pols mugged it up for the cameras and then President Obama flew away for another fund raiser.

Nothing changed.

Except one thing:

President Obama admitted the failure of his entire political philosophy, the one of bigger, better and more government.

Obama boldly  announced that red tape would be cut and that phone calls would be returned in fifteen minutes.  At least for this hurricane aftermath.  Then it’s back to what he knows, obviously, is lack-of-business as usual.

Better late than never for Obama to admit that the government is not the solution but often the problem, but that does not stop a true believer like Obama from wanting more of the same which didn’t work.  Hello, insanity!

As if this writing, almost all the mega FEMA generators are still sitting idle.

The situation on Staten Island is looking desperate.  People could literally starve, and the weather is going to turn cold.

Everything is cool, though.

The man is in charge.  We saw him in the White House Situation Room and we saw him hugging a woman in New Jersey.

The story is over as far as the national media is concerned.

President Obama was pictured as being presidential, and that was the goal.   The national media wanted to know if Sandy was going to give Obama a bump in the polls and a shot at looking presidential that people can take into the voting booths.  Real r

Thank god for hurricanes to interrupt a downward slide in perception and polls.

Too bad about those people on Staten Island.  Many are working class people, the “bitter clingers”, so no bid deal for Obama or the national media



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