A City of Many Colors, Locked in Cubes

Chicago has many different colored neighborhoods, and mostly they stay that way, making Chicago one of the most –if not the most segregated city in the United States.

It is my belief that it stays that way for two reasons.

People of any ethnic background like their own, mostly.  They are most comfortable.  We are not post-racial.

Secondly, each and every media outlet, no matter how big or small, plays up race and fans the flames.  Sometimes it is because the editors see a real story with some human merit, but mostly it is to sell papers or catch eyeballs.


People cannot discuss it rationally, because by the time a race-charged story is popular, it already has hyperbole attached and, usually, the same “Reverend”  Suspects diving in front of the cameras, marbles in mouth, rhyming and sliming, with no facts needed or heeded.

Usually the debate goes one way: racial  discrimination and “hate” crimes against people of color and never against white people.  (Those stories never make the media, either, in a big way, due to the editors believing that discrimination is a one way deal).

It’s a tiring subject for many, especially the many that are lumped into the “institutional” group that are constantly blamed as a group.  It is a subject just not worth commenting on anymore.  The nation’s minorities have their minds made up, and that is that.

Chicago will never change for those two reasons.

That’s too bad.

I know I am finished.

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  • I hear ya but as much as would like to think that we are all judged on our laurels but reality says we don't. It is sad that this city is so divided.

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