Happy New Year's, Chief!

Happy New Year's, Chief!
The Chicago Collosus

In all years I’ve known the Chief, he hasn’t verbally said a word to me.

But he has communicated what’s on his chest in several ways.

He is always there.  Kind of like a welcoming figure when you’re coming or going north or south on Pulaski (Crawford) Avenue. The Chief is like our Colossus of Rhodes, except he shills for products.

Nothing wrong with that. One could argue the Colossus was shilling for some proud Rhodian’s.

The Rhodians built the Colossus after Alexander-the-Great’s successor was defeated by the home- town Rhodian boys.  Yes, Alexander would have bagged Rhodes, but that’s what happens when you cash it in young.  The next leader had a hard act to follow.  What do you do when your predecessor conquers most of the known world?  You get sloppy, that’s what.

The Chief is Chicago’s Colossus.  His life span is almost as long.  The Colossus of Rhodes lasted 58 years.   The Chief even has his own Facebook  page.  And he is fast becoming more popular than the old Rhodes Colossus, as reported in RoadsideAmerica.com.

Our Chief –our Colossus–  has been giving raising his hand in greetings and fair-wells now since 1958, when he was erected by a cigar shop on 63rd street below.  He used to wear a sign around his neck hawking “White Owl” cigars, but the advertising rules made him change his sponsors.  He is now  known as the “Eye Care” Indian.  And, like many people his age, he is now sporting a pair of cool glasses.

And, no, that is not a latent Nazi salute, for all those enemies of the Chief.

Make no mistake, the Chief does have enemies.  He has been shot at, and nailed with arrows from, yes, bows.  Right now, the weather is the enemy.  It’s blowing up to forty miles an hour today.

But Chicago’s Colossus stands!

He can be seen from the land in all directions and even from the air, when the planes rocket out of Midway or begin the path to the “Midway” drop that passes for a safe landing,  and is reminiscent of your car hitting  one of our famous pot holes.

I’ve seen the Chief since he and I were both young.  Don’t always see him on New Year’s Day, but I rarely missing seeing the old boy in the coming weeks.

And…we are both wearing glasses.

The hell with safety, Chief… Have a Fun and Happy New Year!

You deserve it.












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