Labor Day sucks when you don't have a job!

I think I mentioned that I didn’t have a book “in the hopper” for Monday, and, while I had links ready to go on Friday, I just wasn’t able to “pull the trigger” on a post then, so I guess you’re getting a mid-weekend post of the job search links. Hey, it’s a long weekend, right?

Of course, Labor Day is a pretty stinky holiday for the unemployed … WE don’t get a day off, since we don’t have a job to not go to … and that “GET A JOB!” dictate hangs over our heads 24/7. The fact that everybody else is off today just makes things less convenient for us, and a lot more bitter.

Speaking of bitter … I had a research company call up to see if I’d qualify for a survey (those are sometimes great, a lot of dollars for a couple of hours of my time!), but it was about vacations, and the gal asking the questions was incredulous that I’d not been on a real vacation in over 3 years. Yeah, lady, going on vacation involves money, and I’ve not had a proper pay check in a very LONG time. Nice way to rub it in just before Labor Day.

Oh, and there’s a NEW scam out there. I’ve been back to cranking out the resume and hit a job listing that sounded plausible, if a bit vague, and I start in on their on-line submission form, only to find that past the front end of it there was a whole different site that was, pretty much, simply phishing. Unless it’s an application for a government job (and clearly on a .gov site), I’d recommend never giving up your social security number on-line, but that was one of the first pieces of info this group wanted. What kind of scumbags stoop to phishing the jobless???

Anyway, here’s the latest dozen links from my Twitter reading:

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As you no doubt anticipated, these have been made part of the “Big List O’Links” and output in a .pdf “ebook” format for your browsing convenience! You can get your copy here: TJS-LinkList-110902.pdf



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