My One Plea for All Rational People on the Morning of the 2016 Presidential Election

My One Plea for All Rational People on the Morning of the 2016 Presidential Election

Though it soothes my heart to know that this is one of the last things I will write about this tempestuous election cycle, it is also the one that is written on the edge of the proverbial cliff.

For months upon months, we’ve been subjected to a candidate who violates individual rights, treats human beings like animals, and bastardizes the sanctity of the political backbone of this country. Offending women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, and all rational individuals, this man has torn a seam in our flag.

Today, we will make one of the most important decisions of our lives. We will set out, as frontiers in a new land, and cast our vote for the person we see fit to lead us.

I’m not here to convince anyone to change their vote or to emotionally blackmail you into rethinking your ideals. I simply want to explain why today is the day where we draw a line in the sand between irrationality and rational judgment.

Emotion, sadly, is a tool which people use to approach their political life. They look at a person’s clothes, appearance, and age, putting those aesthetic ideals on the same plane as their ideas and sense of life.

An ideal political candidate is one who holds an unshakeable sense of self during great duress and opposition. There is nothing more frightening than the man who doesn’t know what he believes him, or worse, knows what he believes and betrays them for political advancement.

Voting has long been the common man’s mark of honor, the calling card of a proud American. Yet, in this day and age, men have become apathetic to this once hallowed right.

So, today, we continue the tradition that our forefathers cultivated when this country was founded. Their ideas of individualism, personal responsibility, and economic and religious freedom have been stretched and trampled, yet we still stand. We still look forward to the future, in a land where we can be freer than any other locale.

And today will enter that booth, mark our choice, and wait for the results with feverish anticipation. We will learn if we will be thrust into the future on wings of hope or a mushroom cloud. We will learn if our lives will be peppered with life or death.

I ask you, on this day, to steel yourselves and remember that a human’s right to morality is the cornerstone of the voting process. If we go to the polls as animals, we will be treated as cattle to the slaughter.

A vote for irrationality, especially in this election, will mean disaster. It will mean that women will be subjected to ridicule, sexual violence, and objectification. It will mean that minorities will fear for their lives and families, living in constant fear of racial profiling and ostracization from the very government they trust. It will mean that those in the LGBTQ community will fear that the advancements that they have made will be torn asunder, their rights reverted back to those of the dark ages.

This vote is not simply a vote for your ideals, as you hold their lives in your hand as well. It is not up to a politician to tell a man who to love, who to trust, or who to hate.

Today’s vote will decide whether America will continue down the path of prosperity or be hurled back into a time of dark racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

Today’s vote will be what stands between the heart filled with lightness and the doorway shadowed by the thick cancer of darkness.

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