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Donations to Further Knowledge of Fishing in Today’s Youth

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 27, 2010) – Reading, writing, and arithmetic seem a bit passé. Students today study anything from engineering to Mozart to interior design. Even fishing and conservation are on the curriculum in public schools with the help of the Future Fisherman Foundation and a grant from Pure Fishing.
“Pure Fishing is actively involved with youth aquatic education,” said David Lund, Vice President of Marketing -The Americas. “We are dedicated to engaging the public in fishing and conservation education and programs. We believe it is our responsibility to recruit new anglers. Bringing fishing opportunities to high school and middle school students is one way to fulfill that mission.” 
Recent studies have shown that if a person does not engage in fishing activities by the age of 18, chances are they will never develop an interest. The Future Fisherman Foundation helps public, private and charter schools incorporate the benefits and rewards of fishing, boating and aquatic conservation activities into their school curriculum. Training and resources are available to school-based programs for grades K-12.

“Pure Fishing’s generous donation will enable us to teach our curriculum to educators who want to incorporate youth fishing activities into their learning programs,” said Foundation Executive Director Keith Sutton. “It also will allow us to begin creating online training opportunities that give educators a head start at implementing new programs in their communities. Without Pure Fishing’s support, this wouldn’t have been possible. We’re very appreciative they’ve shown leadership in supporting youth fishing education programs throughout the U.S.”
“Qualified educators who sign up for the program can purchase rods, reels, fly-fishing tackle, accessories and more from a portfolio of Pure Fishing brands that includes Shakespeare, Berkley, Stren, Pflueger, Mitchell, Johnson and more,” said Teresa Rodriguez, the Foundation’s Director of Education.
Students in classrooms across America are learning everything from fish anatomy to how to bait hooks thanks to the Future Fisherman Foundation grant program. And with support from industry leaders like Pure Fishing, next year more students will be heading to the pond for final exams.
For more information on the popular fishing tackle brands from Pure Fishing log in to www.purefishing.com. To learn more about the Future Fisherman Foundation go to www.futurefisherman.org.

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