The Price of Foreclosure: The Pictures

I went to hallowed ground in Bronzeville yesterday and didn’t even know it.

On my way to snap a few pictures of the 4725 South Michigan building, I passed the imposing and still majestic Rosenwald apartment complex on the northwest corner 47th & Michigan.

Despite years of neglect, she still stood proudly, waiting for the love and attention she so desperately needs.

The intersection currently looks like what you’d expect:  fast food joints, a Currency Exchange, cell phone shops and other small businesses with shoddy store fronts dominate the landscape.

The neighborhood’s current appearance doesn’t hint of its storied past. 

Nor does it tell how the Rosenwald, also known by its formal name—The Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments, was the equivalent of Harlem’s Striver’s Row (which has one of two alleys in New York City and is still absolutely gorgeous).

It was near this icon, near the corner of 47th & Michigan I found a squat tan building that looked out of place with the other historical gems that surround it.

The 4725 building is not pretty. 

Aside from the 28 foreclosures dragging down the financial fortunes of the neighborhood, the people who live there have to look at a tan rectangle devoid of any architectural interest.

Talk about insult and injury.

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