On The List

My doctor, Leslie Ramirez, is a rock star.  
I’ve been going to her for years.

I’ve heard horror stories of uncaring, unsympathetic doctors who have the bedside manor of Gregory House.

Luckily for me, Leslie is not that type of doctor.

When I met her out socially a few months ago she asked me why I hadn’t come to see her.  I told her about my unemployment.

I told her I couldn’t afford to come and see her; I had no insurance.

She, in turn, told me about her blog and website named Leslie’s List

Leslie’s List is a website that provides information about low cost health care & prescriptions in the Chicago area.

Not only did I find a place to purchase two badly needed prescriptions (Target), I purchased both for $14.00 when they would of cost me hundreds of dollars at CVS or Walgreens.

Moreover I found a free place for my badly needed almost two years overdue mammogram.

With a note from your doctor (in the form of a prescription really) you can go to the Breast Center of St. Francis Hospital and get a screening with the help of the folks from the Susan G. Komen fund. You have my personal assurance that you’ll be in good hands.

Mammograms aren’t fun and usually not free. 

I had extensively researched where I could go in the city or the county to receive a free or low cost one but everyone was full up or out of money.  Leslie’s amazing referral was nothing short of an early birthday present.

I’ve always known that Leslie was an amazing person.  Who else is gonna laugh out loud when you crack an inappropriate joke during an exam.  Yet the fact that she is attuned to the needs of regular people—people who are clearly not in her tax bracket—let’s me know she’s not a clueless doctor.

You know the kind, ordering tests and prescribing medicine that you may not be able to afford.  When you ask her “How much is that gonna cost?”  She may not be able to give you an immediate answer, but she can get on her website and immediately give you good solid information.

So if you need to see the doctor or fill a prescription.  Give Leslie’s List a try. 

It’s one list you’ll be happy to be on.



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