Three poems

(Untitled) And a coffee Says, No, Not today. Today you go to see the sisters at the Convent of Our Holy Day. Today you sing an opera a folk song a poem written by a child born in the pasture during a respite from the war   (Untitled) And the music filled the room With... Read more »

This Year (poem)

The winds have blown hard this year. The sins of the Earth Have settled in its soil. Men open their eyes To a different life. Ten angels Battle ten devils. A husband Leaves his wife.   And yet…   There is a quiet And a still. A woman hums a song As she climbs up... Read more »

Three (short) poems with the answers you've been looking for

(Untitled) There’s something in this room. I don’t know what it is But I feel it And taste it. It’s pressing me down And it smells like death.   Why can’t you let me be To say my prayers To the children of the morning?   (Untitled) All day the sun Fills this glass of... Read more »

Three (short) poems written on a cellphone

Poem 8-15-20 You spread your angel wings Like an eagle’s Across the night sky And the stars shine and blink But offer no way home For you And your armies Of the desolate   Poem 8-15-20 In the place Of laughter In the place of sadness Paris and Dresden St. Louis and New York The... Read more »

New movie watch-from-home recommendation: "Driveways" (2019), starring Brian Dennehy

“Driveways,” a 2019 film that was just released on-line early this month, is a small, quiet movie about loss in our lives, death, and how we make it through somehow, with help from connections, to family and friends. The plot involves a mother, Cathy, and her young son, Cody, who travel to the home of... Read more »

Violetta Muzychenko, 1950-2019 (poem)

Sparrows fly to and from a tall tree behind my apartment Near where you’d often come through my back door bringing me bags of food and your love   The birds fly up onto the nearby roof of my building or dash this way and that into other trees to the east and to the... Read more »

Stay-at-home movie recommendation: Kirk Douglas in "The Bad and the Beautiful"

With so many of us now under shelter-in-place orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have a recommendation for a stay-at-home movie you can easily rent through YouTube for a mere $2 or so: “The Bad and the Beautiful,” a 1952 Vincente Minnelli drama starring Kirk Douglas as a scheming, charming movie producer hated and... Read more »

Fall poem

Not another one about golden leaves, you hope, And the crispness in the air, and the quiet sun. No. This one’s about our thinning hair and our slowing walk and our happiness and disappointment when all is said and done. Like the pine cones that are dropping from the trees now All of us will... Read more »

In the spirit of Independence Day, in this nation of immigrants, here's one immigrant's story

Obviously, immigration is all over the news these days. As we celebrate Independence Day, it’s good to remember that all of us, either directly or through our ancestors, came from somewhere else. Even the Native Americans came from Siberia. Here’s one immigrant’s story. Violetta Muzychenko was born in 1950 in the Soviet Union. Specifically, she... Read more »

This spring (poem)

The birds are singing to me this spring. Their songs sing to me of the color blue, Of Thursday evenings. When I see their beaks open, And listen, I think of a child And her dreams, And feel myself floating High above the battlefield Where my dreams taste like music And the blue sky is... Read more »