Provenance Food and Wine, Lincoln Square

Provenance Food and Wine, 2312 W. Leland Ave., is part boutique wine store, part specialty grocery. Carrying only 30 wines, Provenance in Lincoln Square (there’s a Logan Square location too) is an intimate wine shopping experience; it’s the anti-Binny’s. If wine intimidates you and you find yourself lost in ginormous wine stores, Provenance will definitely be more your speed. But at the same time, Provenance is the perfect store for those who know wine, love it, and want a personal approach to it. Owner Tracy Kellner will be there to suggest the right bottle for a meal, occasion, or taste.

During my recent visit, Tracy recommended a Washington state rosé to pair with grilled pork tenderloin (more on this pairing in our next post). She was knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about her products–both wine and food. Tracy said her store appeals to both foodies who are into wine and oenophiles who are into food. Provenance focuses on small producers who use sustainable products that are “made by hands not machines,” she said.

This appeals to us. On your way home from work and need to pick up something for dinner? Stop by this store and grab a baguette, a slab of goat cheese, some cured meat, even fruits and vegetables. You can also pick up pasta, olive oil, ice cream, chocolate, and–of course–wine.

If Provenance is aiming to be the “everyday grocery,” as Tracy says it is, we think it’s succeeding in that goal. Who needs Whole Foods, when you can be in and out of Provenance in two minutes flat; if you don’t spend too much time gawking at all the awesome products like I did.

More on the Store

Tracy’s Favorite: Bandol La Bastide Blanche (a French rosé) $22.99
Tracy’s Girls’ Night Pick: Dibon Cava Brut Reserve $11.99
Number of Wines: 30 (60 at their Logan Square location)
Specialties: Small producers
Events: See website


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  • Great pics! Their web site needs a serious upgrade!!! How they stack up against Pastoral??

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