She Said: The New Cupcake

Last post, I mentioned Pam and her Paramels. She brought her homemade, flavored caramels as dessert, something to end our meal of grilled brats.

And while she did not intend for them to pair with our 2007 August Zeigler Pinot Noir, they definitely did.

Pam’s caramels are the new cupcake. One bite of these tasty treats that come in flavors such as toasted pine nut, crispy prosciutto, chai tea, and cappuccino, and you won’t miss frosting any more.


On Tuesday, she brought us two new flavors to try–rosemary and smoky-spiced almond.
Unlike traditional caramels, Paramels melt in your mouth. They are soft not chewy. I adore them.

And like I said, our German Pinot went perfect with them. The rosemary caramels, like a complex wine, hit the palate in two ways: first, their subtle sweetness soothes you; then, the herb coats your tongue and mouth with a precision that comes close to that perfect piece of dark chocolate.

The smoky-spiced almond paired nicely with the food and wine, with the right of amount of smoke to make the candy unusually good. But that rosemary one blew me away. And I’m not just saying this because Pam’s a friend.

My other favorite flavor is lavender sea salt (or by its fancy name, lavender fleur de sel). With this one it’s the mixture of sweet and salt that gets you. If I had a bag of these, I wouldn’t need much else–well, maybe a glass of wine. But that almost goes without saying.

Pam charges $6 for a bag of 8 caramels. That’s a good deal.

So, if you’re sick of bringing cupcakes to every event and you want to introduce your girlfriends to the latest gourmet trend, you can email Pam at

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