Steve Carell is Leaving 'The Office' and I'm OK With This

Steve Carell made it clear on the red carpet for his new movie Despicable Me that the next season of The Office will be his last.  He signed on for seven seasons, and next season will be his seventh.  He feels that it’s time for him, and Michael Scott, to move on.

I’m not all that broken up about this.  Here’s why:
1. The Office kind of sucked this season anyway.  I’m not exactly sure what it was about this season that so bored me (Jim and Pam in new job positions and acting smug and above it all around the office?  The manufactured sexual tension between Andy and Erin?  The utter clownishness of Michael?  The lack of Idris Elba hotness?), but I feel that the show is either past its prime or very close to passing it.  And when upstart comedies Parks and Recreation and Community are eliciting more laughs per half hour, then maybe it’s time to cut your losses and move on.
2. Come on.  It didn’t suck that bad, did it?  OK, you’re right.  I was being harsh.  The Office, Season 6 was still better than a lot of other comedy offerings out there (I’m looking at you, Two and a Half Men).  It it’s never a chore to watch, unlike, say, the final misguided season of Scrubs.  Scrubs hung around too long, and its final season was a shadow of what the show used to be.  There’s something to be said for going out on top (or near the top), i.e. Seinfeld and Friends.

3. But, jackass, the show’s not ending.  Only Steve Carell is leaving.  I’m aware of this.  However, not many shows can handle the departure of a major star and not see a loss of…something.  
4. It worked for Cheers, though.  Well, yeah, but Shelley Long left after only five seasons, and the show was just starting to hit its stride.
5. And The Hogan Family.  You shut up, now.
6. Admit it.  Steve Carell’s departure could signal a creative renaissance for the show.  That’s possible, yes.  And it’s the other half of the reason I’m OK with Steve Carell leaving.  The main part of me thinks the show should just go out on top and end it all after seven seasons. But.  With the right spin and the right mix of characters and the right shakeup of the office hierarchy (like making Kelly branch manager), the show could come out better and funnier than ever.  
Or it could suck worse than Scrubs with James Franco’s brother.

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