Fallen off the grid!

Its’ been a while since I wrote here. A lot has happened in the past 3 weeks, but I’m back and (hopefully) better than ever!

Tonight I’m going to get in my first run since I was told to take it easy by my Doc. In past posts you’ve heard me complain about leg pain. Well it never got any better. So my wife suggested I go get checked out before I do some serious damage. 


So I headed over to the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, after a set of x-rays on my legs and some very painful poking and prodding of my shins, the doc suggested I go for a bone scan.
If you’ve never had to go through this long process, be thankful. It was 2 days of laying still on a table while this machine takes a glorified x-ray.

My Bones

So now that I’ve been given clearance to slowly start training again, I find that I’m less motivated. I guess 3 weeks of no running and a lot of partying will do that to you.

So I’ve been looking for ways to get motivated. I changed up my ipod playlist, I’ve been talking to a few of my running friends. I think I’ve tried everything with the exception of getting my own Rastafarian Hype Man!

While surfing online today I came across this video to promote the World Cup. If watching this doesn’t hype you up, I’m not sure what will!

So I’m heading out for a run, you watch and enjoy! Keep an eye out this week for another installment of Distance Running in the next day or so!


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  • Glad you're getting back at it! Great video!

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