7 Signs You Have A Carb Addiction and What You Can Do To Stop It

7 Signs You Have A Carb Addiction and What You Can Do To Stop It

Here are 7 signs you have a carb addiction and what you can do to stop it. Carb addiction is a big deal. Sure, a lot of us think we have a carbohydrate addiction or can’t see living without a crusty piece of bread or a bowl of ice cream every once in a while, but true carb addiction is a breading ground for numerous problems, from weight gain to disease.

To be perfectly clear, a lot of healthy foods are carbohydrates, like vegetables and fruits. The carbs that I’m talking about that wreak absolute havoc on our bodies and can create addiction are refined carbohydrates, including:

  • candy, cookies, pastries, ice creams and cakes
  • breads, rolls, croissants, pastas
  • commercial sugary or sweetened yogurts
  • specialty coffee drinks
  • soda and juices
  • fruit leathers
  • most commercial cereals and flavored oatmeal

Organic is no better
As much as I’m a proponent of clean organic foods, I’ve seen everything in the list above come in organic varieties as well. Organic food can still be very high in sugar. Buyer beware. If you’re trying to cut back on sugar and think you’re doing yourself a favor by eating organic sugary foods instead, think again. It’s important to eat foods that are lower in sugar. You can start by avoiding or cutting back on the foods in the above-mentioned list.

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Are you hooked?

1. Conditioned to Eat
We’re all a little Pavlovian when it comes to certain foods, but if your mouth waters every time you walk by a bakery case,  candy aisle or bowl of ice cream, especially when you’re not hungry,  something is up.
2. Emotionally Attached
You couldn’t even imagine a life without pasta, soda or candy. You might use the word “love” when you refer to certain refined or sugar foods. “I love pasta.” “I love cookies.”
3. Just. Can’t. Stop. 
You have a hard time just having one. Whether it’s candy, cookies, pastries or jelly beans, stopping is always the hardest part. In fact, it’s not unusual to eat to the point of feeling sick.
4. You’ll Eat Better Later
Every time you eat starchy or sugar carbs, you tell yourself that you’ll cut back later. You know you can just do without the bowl of pasta or handful of M & Ms, but there’s always another day, right? It’s true there’s always tomorrow. But when tomorrow never comes, there’s a problem.
5. Can’t Focus
You’re distracted and can’t stop thinking about your next snack or carb-filled meal. This type of distraction isn’t hunger related, it’s all about the food. You can’t get on with your day until you appease your craving.
6. Out-of-Control Portions
Portion sizes start to increase. You used to be able to get by on just one or two small cookies, now you eat half the box.
7. You Feel Withdrawal Symptoms When You Cut Back/Cut Refined Carbs Out
You’ve made the decision to cut out sugar and now you feel horrible. Withdrawal symptoms or increased cravings are not uncommon, but do subside with time.

What You Can Do

    • Eat Small Meals Often: Don’t try to diet in an effort to cut out sugary foods, just eat regular small meals of clean whole foods. Of course, those foods, should be free of refined sugar.
    • Read Labels: The best thing you can do is read labels on the foods you’re currently eating. If what you’re eating has more than 13 grams of “sugars” per serving, put it back.
    • Drink Loads of Water: Water will help you flush toxins out of your body, help you feel fuller longer and keep you hydrated. Since dehydration can mimic hunger, it’s a good thing to keep a bottle of water on you all the time.
    • Eat Plenty of Healthy Fats & Protein:  Both protein and fat will help to reduce the blood sugar roller coaster you might be on. It’s also essential that our bodies get plenty of these two macronutrients as well.
    • Create New Habits: Arguably the hardest thing to do, you need to create new habits and stick to them. If your daily routine is to grab a sugary coffee and bagel in the morning, sandwich and soda in the afternoon and a bowl of pasta in the evening, all that has to change.
    • Keep the Cupboards Clear: If you’re going to stick with a diet that free of refined carbs, you’ve got to get rid of your stashes, and you can’t buy more food of the same food at the store. A lot of people tell me they buy more sugary food for their family members, particularly kids. If it isn’t good for you, do you think it’s any better for them?


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