The Dali Lama: Western Women will Save the World

 The Dalai Lama, himself, at a Peace Summit in Vancouver last month, shocked the sold-out crowd by proclaiming: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” 

The Dalai Lama Honored With Lantos Human Rights Prize Those of us with grey hair, often hiding just beneath our color of choice, sometimes forget that we are the first generation of women in history to have the economic and academic freedom and power to make decisions for ourselves – whether to marry, divorce, have children, have it all, or go to therapy because we do have it all. Given these privileges, we now allso have the power to change the world. 

Use your women’s intuition to decide the cause that is in your heart and spirit. If you want to ponder that with some help, there is an upcoming free teleseries of the world’s top female  thinkers, change agents and luminaries to discuss ways to unleash our co-creative possibilities. 
Let’s fulfill the Dalai Lama’s prediction! 


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  • I agree with the Dali Lama. As a male and someone who has worked with many women professionally in the corporate business world, I've always felt that one of the most powerful leadership characteristics of women is their intuitive ability to understand and encourage strong relationships, within or outside an organization. In a world of increasing interdependencies and globalization, that will be a requirement of future corporate and political leaders. It is one of the areas in which many people believe President Obama has been most effective during his first year. There are currently about 15 female leaders of countries in the world, and the number is growing. The promises of the feminist movement of four decades ago seem to be finally being realized, and I think the Dali Lama's prediction has a good chance of being right.

  • I hope more Western women will come to consciousness by learning and appreciating our history, understanding where we are today globally (conditions girls and women live in around the world-100 million women and girls are missing) and where we need to go and who we need to be to save the world. I feel disheartened when I see so many of us continue to give up our last names in marriage and give our children our husband's name, call ourselves girls when we're well beyond being a girl, call girls and women sluts and the guys, the guys, and continue to subordinate ourselves. I feel totally heartened when I read about women around the globe, not the leaders of nations, but the women in the trenches who are saying no to genital mutilation against all odds, who are building schools for girls and hospitals for women who otherwise would die in childbirth, who are prosecuting their rapists in a culture where that is unheard of, saying no to an arranged marriage that is not wanted and women who are stopping girls from being sold into slavery and brothels by ensuring education and healthcare for girls. Gerda Lerner asks what could explain women holding onto our subordination and 'upholding the patriarchal system that continues to subordinate us'. Is it fear of violence, is it we are busy working, caregiving, producing and reproducing? I'm sure it is both and as we come into greater consciousness, we will see, yes in fact we can save the world. It is only through love and care the world can be saved. Western Women with greater resources and access to them, are a powerful force to be reckoned with, once we feel empowered to be that force.

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