Training Notes : Pause Nears Return to Fitness and Conway Will Start In Goal

Heading into the Philadelphia match on Saturday Carlos De Los Cobos isn’t anticipating many changes to the line up that has won approximately 65% of the possesssion battle over the last two games.  De Los Cobos seemed enthusiastic about the performance of midfielders Corben Bone and Daniel Paladini. “All players in the world need time.  Time to get experience.  Corben isn’t the exception.  He’s very good with the ball and is a very good distributor of the ball.  With Daniel in midfield this gives us an opportunity to have good distribution of the ball and keep the ball.  Efficiency is important and these guys have it.” said De Los Cobos. 

When asked whether team captain Logan Pause would return to the line up if healthy the Fire coach indicated he would stay with the line up as is for now.  “If he’s healthy, I want to keep the guys who are making a good job (now).  Logan is always important for me.  For that reason I named him captain.  It’s normal and sometimes happens.  He was out three weeks and the team is playing good.  I think I’ll always need Logan, he’s a good leader in the group.  He’s a smart guy, he understands the situation and he’ll keep working to return to play.”

Pause returned to full training for the first time in three weeks today and felt good after practice.  “The hamstring feels great,” said Pause. “The last couple days I’ve been easing in and let the reins loose today. No issues.  If you ask me now, it feels 100% but there’s a little bit of a test later today.  We’ll see tomorrow how it feels.”

“I’m assuming ther won’t be any setbacks.  I’ll be ready to go from my end.  It’s up to Carlos and his staff to decided whether I’m in there or not.  I’ll be ready if I’m called.”  Pause was also impressed and supportive of the play of Paladini and Bone over the last few games, “More than I can say they deserve an opportunity to play.  I’m proud of them and they’ve done well.”

In other news:

  • Jon Conway will start against the Union on Saturday.  “Jon will play.  He had an accident on the second goal but he made a very good/great save when we were losing 2-1 and this gave us an opportunity to tie,” said De Los Cobos.
  • Cristian Nazirit will travel and be available for selection.  The coach would like to push to get him some minutes if possible. 
  • Pause will be re-evaluated tomorrow after a full training session today.
  • Diego Chaves has a foot contusion and was held out of training for precautionary reasons.
  • Josip Mikulic will not travel but did train.  His shoulder injury has not healed 100% and the team will be cautious before returning him to the line up in lieu of Yamith Cuesta’s play. 
  • Patrick Nyarko is also improving from concussions symptoms. 
  • De Los Cobos seemed confident that his team is improving and on the verge of turning ties into victories.  “We’re not winning but we’re close.  I believe this.  We’re close to winning (games).  Maybe this Saturday. Why not?”


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  • Pause's comments are why he's captain. That guy is 100% class.

    Looks like it could work itself out to SJ playing the USOC game Wednesday, if he's healthy. Can certainly see a good outing there being the tide-turner, and him getting a nod next weekend as a result. A tentative outing, or mistakes like early in the season could be a different story.

  • CLDC is deluding himself if he thinks the team is playing well now, or has turned the corner on a bad season. sure chicago had lots of possession the last 2 matches, but 2 draws vs probly two of the three or four worst MLS teams... i just cant say much good from that. draws are closer to losses than they are to wins (thus 1 pt is closer to 0 than 3)

  • The team is poor but shows flashes. Perhaps it flatters to deceive but i think a few class additions, centerback, attacking midfielder and striker and we would be in the ballpark. I think we now have to let DLC, and Klopas, play out the season.

  • What in the earth is cobos smoking. The team is tied for second to the bottom of the league. He is without a doubt the worst coach in the league. There are better high school coaches in the Chicago metro area than the fire coach. Under klopas the team has reached a level that is just terrible. I can hardly give my tickets away to clients that love soccer. It is a shame Chicago would love to have even a fair squad. I am amazed that the section 8 folks do not revolt at the situation on the field

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    This Section 8 person would like to know what a "revolt" would look like? We complain constantly about tactics and personnel we don't like, but we also take constructive steps to help the team like singing at games and selling season tickets. Would you like us to stop going to games? Start booing the team?

  • In reply to iron81:

    Booing results isn't the worst thing in the world. We can boo subs that we don't agree with. I feel like we never get our point of view across when all we do is sing in the section. When we are tied and there is 10 minutes left in the match and he takes off an attacker and puts on another central midfielder, that would be a good time for "you dont know what your doing" or booing the substitution itself, not the player.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    While I'm not a DLC fan (I call him De Los Moron) getting rid of him at thia point really wouldn't make sense, unless the Fire hit an extended losing streak.
    The team is in a state of flux right now and has a lot of young guys who seemingly have a degree of talent, while over-all the team hasn't played that well, there have been times when they looked promising, the main missing ingredient is an attacking CMF, which hopefully will be addressed during the July window.
    I'm not happy with the season so far, but the Fire are not that far back from a possibile playoff spot.
    Several teams that are ahead of the Fire are not that strong anyway.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    i'll grant you that the players are playing hard. if they were slacking off like they were the last half of last year, then i'd fire CLDC right now. as long as they are playing hard, i suppose its fair enough to keep the coach thru the end of his contract.

    and as far as playoff spot, yeah, the fire should be at least equal talent wise to revs, DC, san jose, chivas. they are pretty much better than KC, vancouver, and toronto. thats seven teams they should be as good as or better than, but they need to be better than 8 of those teams to make the playoffs. that means either columbus, houston, portland, seattle & colorado in the next bunch... i just dont see it right now

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    I will have the listing of high school coaches this evening. Probably the best local coach in the Chicago area is Jim Kelly at college of dupage. Jim played for Manchester and is the most knowledgeable coach in the area. He has won numerous junior college championships over a 20 year span. His teams are organized well coached and go for the win every game. In Jims mind a tie is the same as a loss. He would be an equal to most of the talented coaches in the mls.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    I'm not a DLC apologist, but it's not like he doesn't have a fairly strong resume as well. The guy coached a tiny Central American squad to the final qualifying round for the WC, and has lots of experience in the Mexican league coaching. While he hasn't exactly exceeded expectations, he is new to the league and certainly doesn't have the talent that Hamlett had.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Its DLOC's resume that got him the job, right? He was able to step into El Savador and win almost right away. His system worked for that team. His tactics and I think his game day preparation are not working for the Fire. They seem unprepared to defend week in and week out. I think that the current Fire roster is eraly young and will get better with time. But I think he is asking these players to play in a way that doesn't fit their current level of skill/thinking. I'm new to this sport, but I would equate what DLC is trying to do as play a fast paced Princeton offense with 8th graders. Its just too much right now. He is asking Paladini and Bone to play like Xavi. Is that really fair or even possible? I just don't think he has adjusted to the league and is trying to force something that isn't working. End the experiment now and get a new coach who understands the league and the players he has, not the ones he wants.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    I've played for Kelly at COD and the one thing the Fire would improve on would be their fitness. They would be the most fit team in the league for sure. They would need to put a track around the practice field and would only need their soccer shoes for game days. We were organized though. I hated playing for him but he knew what he was talking about. "Alright, hold it there..."

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Not sure if I'm misreading your statement Joe, but you describe Kelly as the exact type of coach that most organizations are starting/trying to lean away from in the US. American style is known for being all fitness, no finesse. To me, that's a big reason they hired CDLC in the first place - to move away from that old american standard.

    The organized part, though, yeah that would be nice. ha

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    watching the Fire play, it seems to me that either the system is too strict that the players can't improvise, or the players are not able to play in the system as directed, because i always get the sense that the players are taking too much time to think about their next action, rather than just doing it. its that split second timing that is lacking so often. do something unexpected sometimes! dont just wait for the ball to be in the pefect position before you shoot, use a bit of creativity and do the opposite of what the defense is already expecting you to do once in a while...

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    What are the chances of this happening?

  • In reply to oliotya:

    if FIFA takes the WC away from Qatar, the bribes will be the public reason, but the real reason will be because they know the WC will be a disaster (for many reasons) if held there. I am guessing someone finally figgered out the air conditioned stadiums were fantasy BS, as well as a lot of other things...

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Putting a World Cup in Qatar was such a colossally stupid idea, that you knew the voters had to have been paid off. I'm glad the actually goods seem to be coming out.

    I've no idea if it will actually lead to a change of venue, but hopefully it does.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    I've played for some people I didn't like in my day but Kelly is at the top. Practices started with about 20-30 min of running and would end with the same. About 45 min with a ball or so. We would win because of the fact that we were in such good shape.

  • that could be it as well. i dont know the source of the problem, i just see the symptoms

  • but a number of the players aren't from the US. just the center mids, and 2 in the back line, the rest are from somewhere else, even if they did a year or 2 in college here

  • i think a center mid that can hold the ball would help this defense this year. if we could have someone that can hold on to the ball and distribute good passes than maybe we could have this possession game that CDLC talks about. yes i know the last few games we had the majority of possession but it doesn't count when the d-line is playing keep away and passing it back and forth to each other instead of forward.

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