Sinha Interested in Chicago

According to this article Toluca’s Antonio Naelson, known as Sinha is once again expressing interest in MLS.  This time he’s named teams that he would entertain.  The two cities mentioned are Houston and Chicago. 

Sinha’s contract with the Mexican side expires in June and the 34 year old Brazilian just happens to excel in the central attacking midfield role at which the Fire are sorely lacking.  The article cites interest in the Fire and Dynamo stemming from his wife’s familial roots in both MLS cities and the presence of Carlos De Los Cobos in Chicago.  His agent, Hugo Salcedo also has brought clients into the league.

“The truth is I’ve thought about it.  From what I’ve seen and from what I’ve heard from friends who play in the league there are a lot of good things.  The quality of play and the quality of life is something we together as a family have considered,” Sinha is quoted as saying. “My manager in this matter tells me Chicago may not have the budget right now but he’ll keep moving things forward.”

Rumors of MLS interest in Sinha has floated about for over a year and he created a minor stir in 2009 after seemingly downgrading the quality of play in the US.  He’s been outstanding against MLS sides in CCL play and is still a quality playmaker at 34.  Sinha would be an excellent addition to the Fire and MLS. 


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  • I assume he would command designated player money? He indicates that his agent has informed him that Chicago wouldn't have the budget to afford him so I believe he'd be asking for DP money. Where would this put the Fire with other DP-type players coming in the June transfer window? Is Bocanegra free this summer or the next? I think he would look great next to Josip!

  • Sinha would surely be a DP. I believe Bocanegra's deal is up in summer 2012 .

  • at least he is semi realistic, in an article i read, he said he would take less money then is being offered to go to saudi arabia, because his family would like to live in the US.

  • What is the Fire's "budget" situation currently. I imagine they must have cap room with this roster, right?

    Is there any indication that Boca would want to come back to Chicago? See him more likely to try to get "home" ala McBride which means... guessed it, the Galaxy. (If he even plans to come to MLS after this contract)

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    The budget situation is hard to gauge until the player's union releases the 2011 salary list. That being said, the Fire presumably have the "cap" room for one or possibly two DP type players if they choose to go in that direction.

    Boca has said he would like to come back to MLS/Fire at some point but he would be subject to the MLS allocation rule as a returning national team player. If the Fire is not at the top of the allocation order when he comes available they would need to trade for his rights (ala McBride).

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    Training news from Sam.....

    Mikulic not training but in attendance with arm in a sling.
    Gibbs doing some light training.
    Pause still not training.
    Videira suffered a concussion on Friday and not training.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    sinha might fit in really well with the fire. i was talking to some guys at work that follow the mexican league and they all said that sinha is like blanco that he plays in the middle, can spread the field, makes great passes, and can be selfish at times.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    RSL success in the CCL probly convinced him that MLS is actually a decent quality league now

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