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  • Diego deserves it just for getting his 3rd goal in 3 matches. Puerari was continuing to apply lots of offensive pressure, which is obviously a plus. Nyarko (aside from the injury at the end) was getting chopped down continuously, seemed like he never found a real groove in the game. And Pappa, while not having a "bad" game, didn't really have a great game.

    Also, word has it that Nyarko's injury is a contusion, but no break. Can you verify, GR?

  • In reply to DFBJeff:

    I hope to have some word on Nyarko's injury later today.

  • In reply to cesba:

    any news?????

  • In reply to firefan1998:

    Good news on Nyarko. The injury is just a bad bruise. He was able to train today and should be available for Thursday.

  • In reply to DFBJeff:

    Agree with DFBJeff. If there was a "take one for the team" award, Nyarko gets it. If he has to rest, I hope Ristic is good to go. And still looking for Baggio to get minutes.

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    I've seen the stat that Chaves is the first Fire player to score in his first three matches for the club, but isn't he also the first Fire player to score in each of the first three MLS matches of the season? I was discussing this with the guy sitting next to me at the game on Saturday (two of about ten Fire fans at Qwest) and we think that's the case.

  • In reply to madtown:

    It's definitely looking like we'll have a double-digit scorer this year.

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    Need a win on Thursday for sure...Our goalie looks questionable these first 3 games, IDK...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I agree with you Adam25. I think SJ has been a little shaky. The first goal on saturday could have been stopped. The two defenders were there, but SJ seemed unprepared for the header. Its not like the shot was inside the 6 yard box. the shot came from closer to the 18 than the 6. On the second goal,SJ came out strong, but did,'t get low until after the shot. By then it was too late. I really believe last year SJ stops one of these two shots. I hope SJ's confidence isn't shaken because he is a great keeper. He needs to have a few games without having to face serious scorers. The Timbers should make him feel better.

  • In reply to DFBJeff:

    No one is great like Gaston! http://youtu.be/fhG9hKiplfQ

  • In reply to lijien:

    Amazing!! He even looks like Puerari.

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