De Los Cobos to Return in 2011

According to’s Sam Stejskal (via twitter) multiple sources close to the Fire have indicated that Carlos De Los Cobos will return for his second year at the helm of the Fire in 2011.  It was pretty safe to assume that the release of two assistants last week would not precede the release of the head coach despite missing the playoffs this season. 

The Fire are currently in post season training at Toyota Park while the assistant coaching replacements have yet to be addressed.  In player related news, the full squad has not been in attendance but defender Wilman Conde has been present and training. 


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  • I am glad that De Los Cobos is getting another chance coaching the Fire in 2011 and he is getting used to coaching the MLS. It is up to Klopas to give De Los Cobos the personnel to work with in order for his system to work; players like Banner, Carr, Castillo, John, Krol and etc won't cut it. I understand that Hans Backe took New York to the playoffs in one year and it is very rare that a team could grasp a system that fast. Usually, it takes a franchise a year or year and a half for players to learn any system. Look at Sigi Schmid with the Crew, Arena with the Galaxy, Smith with the Rapids, Yallop with the San Jose and Kreis with Real Salt Lake. All they need is center back, central midfielder and couple of strikers with core players like Johnson, Watson-Siriboe, Pappa, Nyarko, Ristic, Kinney, Segares, Bone and Pineda. Give DLC a break, a franchise like the Fire will have an off year here and there after making the playoffs every year except 2004 and 2010.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Core players like Watson-Siriboe, Bone, and Pineda? How did these guys become "core players" that we need to build around. Pineda hasn't even seen the pitch during an MLS game, Bone has done little to impress, and Kwame had some good games toward the end of the season, but some disastrous ones earlier.

  • In reply to Byron:

    Watson-Siriboe will be the starting center back next year and he will be a nice player at that position. He has some disastrous games because remember he was a rookie and he's going to make rookie mistakes. Bone hasn't gotten a fair chance to showcase his talent along with Pineda will get a lot of action during the 2011 preseason to crack in the roster. Next year is huge for the Fire especially with expansion draft, transfers and MLS Superdraft.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    We dont even know what Castillo can do yet. He is only 26 and should be our best player next year. The signing of John in the off season last year was 100% liked be everyone. I never saw one complaint. Klopas did much better than DLC did this year. Klopas made moves that we needed to do to win. DLC did not win and I wouldn't have minded seeing him leave the club. This team is very talented and should not be missing the playoffs. There is no excuse for not making the playoffs.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I was one of the few that wasn't a big fan of Collins John. I heard reviews from Collins John during the preseason dominating against second stringers, he reminded me of a younger version of Paulo Wanchope (Fire version). Castillo better step up next year coming in game shape from day one or else he will be in the Luis Landin category as far as DP. I am looking forward to the 2011 season to see how this team will turn out in terms in the short term and also long term.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    So you dont think we should have signed him in the off season? That is crazy talk. We came into the season with McBride, Carr, Dimitrov as our forwards. Not getting John would have been a huge mistake. It's not like there are these players that are out there that are just lining up to come play in the MLS. Sure there are a lot of no name South American players that are out there that would want to be here but they are not easy to find and we have no expectations for them so of course they are going to succeed in most situations. They only way John would have been considered a positive signing was him scoring 10 goals this year. We haven't had a player do that in forever. I am glad the Collins is on our team and not some other team in this league. He can do a job for us that no other player on our team can.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Agree that John was a very good signing, big upside. It did not work out, but I am hopeful that Collins John will want to stay in the league and earn another contract. If Castillo doesn't
    Come to camp sharp and fit, and yes, I mean arrive in very good shape, he is a bust, despite having talent and being young. It's all about desire now. I don't see why anyone would think DLC had talent to work with. Watch any playoff game and the Fire squad looks USL2 with few exceptions. I thought DLC was poor in subs and tactics. Krol wasn't great but MLS caliber, yet DLC tried Umanzor in his place. He never blooded Bone, forgive the pun, and only played WSorobie when others were hurt. he seems to think Carr is MLS quality, and he left our best player, Nyarko on the bench even when he was not hurt. That said, weak organizations panic and change coaches like underwear, so DLC it is. If we are crap by the halfway mark next year, Klopas and DLC should go.

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