CJ Brown's Retirement Party

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CJ Brown’s retirement party/team awards night drew a large turnout at The Pitch.  Brown accepted his 2010 Fire defender of the year award, 2010 Supporter’s player of the year award from Section 8, and a commerative gift from the Fire with the class and demeanor that we’re all used to seeing from the Fire original. 

The best line of the night came during Brown’s closing comments to the assembled crowd.  “I knew it was time to retire when I saw I was up for the Fair Play award.”

The Fire have photos from the event here

Players in attendance included McBride, Ljungberg, Pause, Thorrington, Lowry, Carr (sporting a 70’s porn stache), Bone, Conde, Dykstra, Husidic, Johnson, Kinney, Nyarko, Robinson, Segares, and Watson-Siriboe. 

Looking Toward 2011

The newly re-hired Mike Jeffries is currently off in South America on a scouting mission.  According to this, the first stop appears to be Argentina.

Frank Klopas and Carlos De Los Cobos will be departing shortly to Eastern Europe in search of additional reinforcements. 

Goal of the Year Voting

The team is running a tournament style bracket to determine a Goal of the Year winner.

Training Continues

Post season training continues at Toyota Park through November 19.  Collins John has not trained due to recurring health issues.

The Fire will need to protect 11 players in the upcoming expansion draft.  More on that soon.



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  • The prospect of CJ Brown as an assistant coach wasn't addressed last night but Sam did get this today.....

    CJ Brown made an appearance at training today. Said coaching prospects are "pretty mellow so far" and Fire haven't reached out.

  • List of players missing from today's practice: Ljungberg, Pappa, Nyarko, Kinney, John, Segares, Banner, Robinson, and (unsurprisingly) Krol

  • Nothing like the crystal clear MLS rule book.....


  • I guess Krol's wife would like to make this clear........

    To All Soccer Fans: Krzysztof Krol will no longer be a Chicago Fire Player, hes very happy that he is going back to Europe.

    Well....good for him.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Here is a message for Krol: Good riddance.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Krol wasn't a bad player, but he's going to end up looking like JCO with these tweets.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Nice report, last night was definitely fun.... as was looking at Amy Freeze. But GR, I think we have a definite answer for your "new banner" questions; you need a close up of Carr's fantastic 'stache. Creepy, confident, and unique all at the same time.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    "Creepy, confident, and unique all at the same time"


  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Sam's mlssoccer.com article on CJ Brown.....


    I would think that allowing CJ Brown to take a coaching position elsewhere in the league would be something of a pr nightmare.

  • In reply to RedLine55:

    Here's the fantastic CJ tribute video that was shown at the party...

  • And......

    PatrycjaMikula Its very rude that Chicago Fire didnt let him train last 3 weeks with the team cause he decided to go back And play in Europe

  • Sounds like someone needs a tutorial on the concept of contracts, loan deals, and contract options.

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