5 things you must do when you're under pressure

5 things you must do when you're under pressure
Pressure can show you things about yourself you never knew.


We all get it. We’ve all had it. None of us wants it, but we can all learn from it–except when you’re under it, you don’t care that diamonds are formed by pressure or that pearls are produced from irritating sand pressurizing that oyster.

“Who cares?!?!,” barks the person under pressure. I just want out! And out you’ll come, unscathed in your “right mind” with a fresh perspective and new lease on life having survived the pressure. But that is a choice. Surviving is just as much a choice as depression, despair, anxiety, frustration, or doubt. As my millionaire mentor has taught me,

“You can get frustrated or fascinated.”

The choice is yours.

Here’s what I’ve learned about pressure, having been around the block a time or two as a mom of six daughters who began this journey as a teenage mom living in subsidized housing on welfare. It really does get better. But if you want to survive and have your “right mind,” you’re going to have to do something with yourself to endure the pressure.  You really will be okay. If you want to be that is.

Because you’re reading this, I am fully confident in the fact that you do, actually, want to survive the pressure. Here are five things you MUST do!

1. Get busy. Take the focus off yourself and your situation. You will surely die if you don’t. Maybe not actually, and heaven forbid I pray you think kind thoughts about yourself if you’re under enormous pressure. But you must get to work. Activity is the antidote to anxiety.  Taking a walk can change your perspective. Release endorphins. Ease your mind. Get busy.

2. Serve others. Yes, go find someone you can serve. I know you’re under pressure and you don’t want to hear this cliche, but there are people in worse situations that yours. Go find them and help them. And if that doesn’t speak to you, find a program on Netflix or Youtube or somewhere and watch others in squalid circumstances.  It’ll change your life–literally.  You think you’re aggravated about all the laundry you have to do and write a report and deal with the kids and get to here, there, and everywhere–until you see the family who washes their clothes in a river. Get outside of yourself.

3. Exercise. I mentioned this earlier but I’m telling you some jumping jacks and squats and stretching and meditation can do your body good. If you’re under pressure you need this. Get yourself a release.

4. Journal. Get a notebook and just write it down. Whatever it is that’s troubling you. Write it down. And then, write out your dream day. Write down the solution to whatever you’re facing. Write what you’d like to see happen. Write your anger. Write your frustration. Write your feelings. This is a great way to deal with pressure because you can actually get it all out without being interrupted. This is one of my favorites. Writing gives me peace.

5. Pray. You’re going to have to turn to a power greater than yourself for peace and comfort if you’re under pressure.  God is a comforter. God can change your situation on a dime. God can renew and restore. God is love. Turn to God for help if you’re under pressure. I have seen mountains move, but it couldn’t have happened had I not first believed there was a God to help me, and then got over myself and ask for help.

If you’re reading this and you’re under enormous pressure, I pray the God of all peace, love, hope, and knowledge comfort you during this time. My grandmother said, “Trouble don’t last always,” and one of her favorites was…

“This too shall pass.”

Be encouraged friend. You’re a winner!

About me: I’m a wife and mom of six daughters known as the “Fitness Evangelist” because of my ability to infuse the fun of exercise and perspiration with inspiration and fitness education.  My mother told me I am a natural teacher and “gifted” to teach people of all ages.  Because of soaring obesity rates and those who struggle with many controllable health-related issues, I also help people with their health and fitness goals any where in the world through my business with Total Life Changes. For more information about me, you can visit my website at http://elanainspires.com or go directly to my TLC website for product information http://totallifechanges.com/elanainspires.

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