The only Pope I'm excited to see this week is named Olivia

The only Pope I'm excited to see this week is named Olivia
The Popes make their debut in the US this week!

I guess it’s clear to see that I am not Catholic, and for that simple reason alone, there is absolutely nothing exciting about the Pope’s visit to America for me. But I would like to be as overjoyed as everyone else I see on news who are preparing for his visit. College campuses, schools, and religious leaders are all in a tizzy. “The Pope is coming!,” they announced, and now the Pope is here, but for me it all appears to be empty pompous grandiosity. Like Scrooge or the Grinch, my heart is unmoved.

But not when it comes to the new season of Scandal! There’s a Pope that me and millions of viewers are interested in seeing!

How ironic for both Popes to be making their grand debut this week, with both evoking such emotion and passion.  Olivia, with all of her fashion, flair, and poised femininity, challenges people to examine their views and beliefs. Any woman would love to walk a mile in her red bottom shoes, if only as an extra.  She is the ultimate gladiator who has shown that her character has the ability to bring men to their knees, up to and including the leader of the free world. It may be fiction, but she most definitely has a following.  Similarly, Pope Francis moves the hearts of millions of viewers as he brings a sense of awed reverence with his hope for humanity and his call toward simplicity, diversity, tolerance, and love. I can appreciate a man who represents such beliefs, except I don’t see how that is practiced in reality.

Let me give you an example.


Tamron Hall, a real-life example of beauty and brains.
You inspire me Tamron!

Yesterday, I just happened to catch a snippet of the Today show which I never would have even watched if it weren’t for Tamron Hall being on the show.  People were all in a glow haze as they shared their excitement about the Pope’s visit.  I’m watching all these Catholics from elementary students to priests talk about how he moves them, and helps them, and I’m wondering how? He’s not an actual pastor that you can go and sit with and talk to and be counseled by or even get a hug. He’s a man who poops and pees like everyone else, and yet, people act as if he is  a god! It’s ridiculous to me! But nonetheless, it’s not my religion. He’s not my leader, and so, to each his own. What got me yelling as I brushed my teeth was Maria Shriver’s comment about HER leader. She explained it something like this:  She said she was going to buy a pair of shoes, but because the Pope is here this week, she’s going to practice humility, or modesty, or simplicity–the actual word she used escapes me because I began yelling so!– and wait until next week to buy them out of respect for the Pope and his visit. “Oh no,” she said, “not while the Pope is here.”


Shriver isn’t going to buy a pair of shoes?!?!

I don’t think that’s kind of self-sacrifice the Pope is after. That’s nothing but pompous delayed gratification.

You may be excited about THE Pope, but I'm excited about OLIVIA Pope. Thank God It returns Thursday!

You can thank God for Pope Francis.  I thank God Scandal returns Thursday!


Nonetheless, Pope Francis is here and Olivia Pope returns to our lives Thursday evening. Needless to say, I am much more excited about that!

As for the hoopla about Pope Francis’ visit, I pray that he indeed does inspire his followers to be more loving and kind. The Lord knows this world needs as many leaders to compel others to practice love, tolerance, and acceptance. But it’s hard to do that when every time you turn around, the Catholic church is involved in yet another scandal.

I guess both Popes have more in common than their coats.

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