An Open Letter to Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson--PLEASE STOP NOW!

An Open Letter to Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson--PLEASE STOP NOW!

I want to start this letter to you Dr. Wilson, by saying that I write to you in love. I come in peace.  But after watching another one of your commercials, I realized, somebody has got to sit down and reach out to you and tell you the truth, because sir, you make me glad that I moved to the suburbs.  It’s painful to watch your commercials.  Whatever money you are using in this mayoral race could be better served doing something else. Please stop now!

Now I realize that you don’t know me. But like you, I am “unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian.” While I no longer worship at Trinity’s South side church, their motto will always ring true to the essence of who I am. I share that with you because I have visited your website and see your passion for Christ. I have watched your television program and I celebrate your success. You have a powerful testimony of how you came from rural Louisiana, that you didn’t complete elementary school, and  that your B.A. is for “Born Again”.  I love that! You show that God does indeed bless the unlikely and will raise up a remnant to do great things.

But sir, you becoming the Mayor of Chicago is not one accomplishment that you will have. Not because you don’t have enough money to go toe-to-toe with Rahm, but simply because THIS IS NOT YOUR MINISTRY.

Let me give you an example.

Every Sunday I stand before my congregation and sing as part of my church’s Praise and Worship Team. EVERY SUNDAY.  Now, I love the Lord and it brings me great joy to do this. But singing is NOT my calling. It is something I do to fill a need in my church. Now, imagine if all my “friends” told me how great I sounded and so off I go to American Idol. Do you know what would happen? Well, I do. I would get a big, fat resounding “No, I’m sorry dear, but Hollywood is not where you will be going.” Which is exactly what you are going to hear if you don’t stop now.  Chicago is going to say “No” to you.   As for my singing,  it doesn’t mean I sound terrible at church. No, I sing quite well for that place and that time.  That’s the lane God has placed me, and by using the wisdom God gave me, I know to stay there.

And the same is true for you.

Please take these words to heart Dr. Wilson

Please take these words to heart Dr. Wilson

There’s no way in the world that you are going to beat Rahm!

It’s a losing proposition.

You are not going to win.

Stay in your lane.

Take that money and do something lasting and beneficial. Maybe you can do some literacy programs. Maybe you can build a state-of-the-art facility in an impoverished area.  Here’s an idea: Use that money to renovate the old Sears warehouse/shopping center on East 79th Street where violence is rampant day in and day out. I used to live walking distance from there. It was my dream to see something awesome happen with that property so that kids in that area could have a safe place to play and learn. You could copy the concept that Joan Kroc had by using their fortune to build Christian community centers run by the Salvation Army. (The place I happen to work and worship.)

That’s your ministry. That’s your lane. Running against Rahm is not.   And everybody knows you just don’t stand a chance.

Who are your “friends” that helped with your commercial?  You mean to tell me that not one of them told you that you had ZERO public speaking skills?!?!?! I mean, really! Please stop running the ads.  They are borderline farcical. And it’s right up there to the border let me tell you.  Click here to see Willie Wilson’s commercial for yourself and tell me what YOU think.

Take my American Idol example to heart. I am sorry that none of your “friends” told you the truth, because the truth is, public speaking is not your gift. Leaders enunciate. Leaders have a certain look. Leaders evoke a sense of confidence. And you do none of that.  Like Idol contestants who leave dejected because no one has ever told them the truth, let me help you.  Analogous to off-key contestants, I’m sorry sir, you just can’t “sing.”

If you want to show Chicago how rich and successful you are, use your money to do something that will actually go to great use. I’m sure, with your business acumen and faith, that God has already given you some ideas.  And, if you should happen to decide to invest in a community center, I’d love to help with the faith and fitness piece. That is MY gift and together, along with your friends, I’m certain God would be glorified in that. But if nothing else, please take these words I’ve shared to heart. I represent a voice of black Chicago that you need to hear. Trust me, when your name is discussed among educated, enlightened folk, it’s not positive. We agonize over your eventual and certain demise in this race.

And just for the record Rahm, no one is thrilled about you either. It’s downright criminal the manner in which you chose to close all those schools. And now that I no longer live in the city, when I drive back in, you can just feel a different vibe and energy. In church, we know the anointing flows from the top, and so too, does the S-ugar, H-oney, I-ced T-ea.  If you want to increase the peace and stop the violence, stop using mafia-like tactics to make improvements. Between the unseen speed cameras in places where you would normally drive at a faster rate (30MPH in Washington Park, really?), unprotected park districts, and astronomical parking pay rates–which is just a mere tip of the iceberg–believe me, no one wants you either. But Willie, at least we can understand what he is saying.

I do want to end this letter to you with encouragement, because like you, I know the power of the cross and believe that God is doing great things among His people–particularly this year. But God calls us to use wisdom with our blessings. Don’t squander yours in this race.  As I said, I write to you as a sister-friend and come in peace and in love.

“An open rebuke is better than hidden love.”

 About Me: I’m a happily married wife and mother of six daughters who blogs and teaches fitness classes. My favorite pastime is to merge worship in my workout which I hope to teach the world to do someday. Click the “About Me” tab above to learn more about me. You can also join my “In FITNESS and In Health” Fan Page on Facebook or visit my website.

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