Weary in well doing: A spiritual workout for the worn out

We’ve all been there. The place we get where that mustard seed of faith seems to have dwindled away into pixie dust. You think, “Maybe I just don’t have the faith to believe anything.”

This typically happens at times in life when God’s silence can just be deafening and the more you want an answer, sign, miracle, or wonder–anything!, the Author of the Universe seems to be more like the writer of the world’s biggest void. “Where are you?!?!?!” the soul cries out in desperation. And again, nothing. Silence.

I know how this feels because I have been there time and again. I start my week off in fellowship full of vitality thinking this is the week I’m going to do all kinds of great things. I’m going to live to my fullest potential! I’m going to finish the things I start! I’m going to have the patience of Job! But all of that flies out of the window when the car makes a rattling sound, the gas light comes on, the kids have unexpected dues, fees and expenses, and there is more month than money.

It’s the spiritual roller coaster of life, and not the fun kind where you throw your hands up in the air, yelling and enjoying the ride. No. This one’s more like “Lord, if you just let me get off of this ride, I swear I’ll never get on again!” Things appear to steady, you begin to think you may just be enjoying the scenery, and until the clickety-clack starts once more and you’re up another 400ft climb. This ain’t no fun ride.

I always thought that I was waiting on God as Conductor and Operator to come along and shut down the ride, unhook my safety belt, and politely escort me off the platform to safety and security. I have since come to see that the ride itself is purely optional and I have the power to get off at anytime with some very simple strategies God provides to us in his Word. I pray you find these five active verbs from the Word helpful to you as well.


I’m a wife, mom of six daughters with the youngest being twin 4-yr olds, and fitness instructor, which should have me exhausted by default. But, I press on to win the prize God has for me by inspiring and motivating others to live “In FITNESS and In Health.” If you’d like to receive these messages daily, fill out the Email Subscription box. It’s free and there’s no Spam.

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God Bless!

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    I am a wife and mother blessed to have six daughters who fill my home with love and laughter. My passion is writing and teaching, but most especially inspiring people to live healthy lives in my faith-filled fitness classes. My dream is to have my own faith and fitness TV show where people from all the world collectively join together on our "temple" building project of enjoying optimal health. I am a certified group fitness instructor by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and earned graduate degrees in Writing from DePaul University, in addition to a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the California University of Pennsylvania. I have seen and experienced the hand of God work and move in my life, and consider it an honor and blessing to be saved to serve.

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