Stuck in a Rut? Three Simple Steps to Uplift Your Spirits

Stuck in a Rut? Three Simple Steps to Uplift Your Spirits
You CAN get unstuck!

Every season, without fail, there’s a workout to help get your body in shape to match the weather. There’s the how-to-get-bikini-abs-for-summer workout, or the how-to-get-those-thighs-in-shape-for-leather-weather, and so on and so forth.  Partially practical. Interestingly intriguing. And may be mildly motivating for some, and wildly so for others–and that’s great. In a world where we have more overly nourished people than those starving, whatever gets our buns up and moving should be applauded. The problem is, there are some people who, know matter the season, can’t seem to get their spirits uplifted, even if they do 3 sets of 10 curls or crunches. The buns may have gotten lifted, but nothing happened for the spirit. Some people are stuck in a rut.

With the world of social media and everyone’s latest emotional statuses out there for all to see, you can’t help but see there are those who are, very simply put, depressed. Maybe they haven’t gotten that job they’ve been after for some time. Or, maybe there’s a loved one they pray about all the time who’s shown no sign of improvement. Yes, thanks to Facebook and Instagram and all the other social networks, nothing can seem more depressing than to see everybody’s pictures and posts of them smiling and travelling, while another person is stuck in the house in front of a monitor, feeling hopeless, forgotten, dejected, and rejected. The world seems to be revolving for everyone else but them. I know it’s a terrible feeling because I have been there myself.

When this happened to me, I had no choice to but to go deeper into my studies spiritually. As someone who regularly attends church, I would feel empowered to face the world on Sunday afternoon, and by Monday at 3 it seemed that whatever heavenly glow I had was all washed away. Silence can be so deafening when it comes in every form. It feels as if God is just completely mute. If applying for a job and sending out countless resumes, and yet there’s no thank you letter, no email to confirm receipt, no calls for interviews, no texts, no nothing–just total and complete silence. As someone who’s been there, I had to do something.

Since I’d learned I couldn’t change the world, I decided to use the quiet time to change me. Louise Hay says, “I do not fix my problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”  

I figured with all this quiet time, I had plenty of time to fix me because I really did not know what the problem was. I knew God is a God of “YES” so what was He trying to tell me in my “NO.” So instead of seeking outside assistance, I went inward inside of me: to my thoughts, attitudes, judgments, beliefs, past experiences–you name it, I did it. Journal after journal I wrote. I studied bitterness, resentment, anger, hurt, pride, envy, and selfish ambition. I spent a lot of time just being honest with me about me, and at the same time, I learned a whole lot about the character and heart of God. Which is how I arrived at this post, this blog, and this point in my life. I know what it’s like to be wandering around aimlessly in the wilderness, and I also know how good manna is when the Lord sends it. And since that’s the case, let me share with you THE three simple steps to get yourself unstuck. Yes, there really are three very simple steps to turn your mourning to joy, your weeping to laughter, and your darkness to delightful sunshine. And here it is:

Give Him your all!
Give Him your all!

What’s interesting is that when you look at different versions of this Scripture (Lk 10: 27, Mt 22: 37, and Deut 6: 5) you will see loving God requires STRENGTH. It is with the mind that we serve God, which is the EXACT place where we give up when we feel defeated. I learned that it wasn’t enough for me to sit on a pew, put money in a collection plate, dance around the altar, and weep, moan and wail. Real faith was having the strength to believe that God was still able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ask or THINK. You see? This is why Joyce Myer’s book “The Battlefield of the Mind” is so powerful and still so popular after being published almost two decades ago, and it’s because if we can gain victory, discipline, control, and the STRENGTH to keep our faith active and alive in our MINDS, nothing else in life will matter. Truly, nothing will separate us from the love of the Father.

But you see, it’s never God who walks away, it’s us. We get tired. We get discouraged. We get overwhelmed. We stop believing. But glory to God His love never fails and He never tires or forsakes us. The battle? REMEMBERING THAT. And once we do, how do we show our gratitude? LOVING GOD WITH ALL WE’VE GOT.

When we love God and believe in Him, actually and literally trust and believe that He knows our circumstances and hasn’t left us in the dark, cold ruthless world of tacky, trifling HR managers or insensitive, ignorant bill collectors, we can smile after sending out a resume knowing that God will have the right job find us at just the right time. When we know we have an all-knowing, all-powerful, awesome, loving God constantly working on our behalf, we can hear the sound of His voice in the silence and just relax and go to sleep on “the boat” knowing Jesus is riding right along with us and there is nothing to fear.

Sound overly simplistic? I sure hope so. It really is just that simple. Don’t overthink this one. Relax. Spend some time getting in to you. And more than anything, know that you are loved beyond measure. In fact the very hairs of your head are numbered and every tear you cry gets bottled and recorded. Nothing escapes God. Not your career. Not your issues with loved ones. Not the illness you may be fighting. Not the finances that seem to almost overtake you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Do you know the promises God has for those who love Him? Don’t watch other people’s FB statuses and get yourself down about what they have and you don’t. Get in His word and uncover the blessings that lie in store for you! You aren’t stuck anymore! You are free, indeed!

Once you know whose you are, you know who you are, and you are FREE!
Once you know whose you are, you know who you are, and you are FREE!
I’m a wife, mom of six daughters with the youngest being twin 4-yr olds, and fitness instructor, which should have me exhausted by default. But, I press on to win the prize God has for me by inspiring and motivating others to live “In FITNESS and In Health.” If you’d like to receive these messages daily, fill out the Email Subscription box. It’s free and there’s no Spam.

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God Bless!

This year, I also won $1,000 for losing 10 pounds as part of the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge Project 10 initiative which gives 30 meals for a child in need, and rewards 10 Vi Challengers $1,000 each every Monday, and you can win too!

The Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge is North America's #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge Platform.

The Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge is North America’s #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge Platform.


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