Criticizing fit moms? Now that IS a shame

Criticizing fit moms? Now that IS a shame
You can't keep blaming others. It's dysfunctional. Move the toxic thoughts out--and move on. Like for real, move your body and stop blaming fit folk.

I’ve heard it said that holding on to a grudge is like letting someone live rent free in your head. The older I get, the more I see how toxic thoughts infiltrate people’s minds, and they allow them to remain unrestrained, rent-free, and unchecked. This is what critics tried to do by blaming Maria Kang for their health, or lack thereof, and now me.

Criticizing fit moms? Now that IS a shame!

The whole Maria Kang issue has really shed more light on this for me as I read through some of the comments on my response to Maria Kang blog post.   In case you didn’t hear, Maria Kang recently posted this picture on her Facebook page:

Maria Kang posted this picture on her website and has since received negative backlash.

Maria Kang posted this picture on her website and has since received negative backlash.


And then she became labeled as a cyber bully by critics and people accused her of “fat shaming.”

Really? Maria Kang shames others???

If that isn’t some of the most convoluted form of malarkey I don’t know what is!

Well, I responded to Maria in my blog dedicated to her by saying “You go girl!” She is living the life of her dreams as a fit mom and I am too.

One person responded to me with a similar comment by saying it’s easier for us because we work at a gym. And I’m thinking, easy? You think it’s easy for me to have six kids, twin 4yr olds, and Crohn’s disease?!?! Clearly she has not read what life is like for a person with Crohn’s disease.

I say go right on styling and profiling Maria, because I am too! I earned these stretch marks and abdominal scars from my major surgery to spare my life from the vicious attacks on my intestines. And if people can walk around with leggings on showing me things about themselves I never desired to see, or wear belly tops when they need muumuus, and mule sandals in the snow because they can’t bend over to tie their shoes, then you should be able to wear fitness clothes as one who practices living a healthy, fit life.

Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I can go back to pursuing my own life with passion and purpose–which isn’t easy by the way. It’s all about choices. Like right now, I can go and make myself something to eat that is healthy, or I could go out and buy greasy fast food like the majority of Americans do for lunch, but I choose not to. If any body or anything is a shame, it’s that.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 37.5% of Americans are obese, with non-Hispanic blacks having the highest age-adjusted rates at 49.5%. And the shame isn’t the statistics, the shame is, in spite of people being told by their doctors what they should and should not be eating, smoking, drinking, and doing, the drive thrus are still packed; and all the warning labels on cigarettes and high a*^ taxes still haven’t compelled people to stop smoking. Now that, my friends, is a shame.

And I mean I could go on a straight diatribe of a rampage listing all the other things that are a shame to me as it relates to people and their health, but because I am in the business of inspiring and motivating others to live “In FITNESS and In Health”, I will refrain.

What I will say is this: blaming me, or Maria Kang, or anybody else for the circumstances YOU chose, is crazy! Maria Kang is no more a bully than McDonald’s is to blame for obesity. Ray Kroch was a financial genius and I celebrate his acumen and contribution to humanity everyday that I enter his Center to teach fitness classes.

People need to evict those demons from their heads that tell them somebody else is to blame for their problems and deal with the man in the mirror, and if they don’t like what they see, do something about it. Don’t blame me. Don’t blame Maria Kang. Use that energy to do something positive.

And as for me. Now I must take my own advice and not let these people take up occupancy in my head. A positive mental attitude only works when you practice what you preach. So I’m going to keep it moving–literally!

*************************************************************************************************About me: I’m a wife, mom of six daughters, entrepreneur, fitness instructor and blogger, which should have me exhausted by default. But, I press on to win the prize God has for me by inspiring and motivating others to live “In FITNESS and In Health.” In this blog you’ll find encouraging lessons and insights to help keep you focused on your fitness journey, as well as kingdom-minded topics I feel led to write about.  Make sure you get these messages daily, by simply filling out the Email Subscription box. It’s free and there’s no Spam and you can opt out at any time. As a mom of six whose had major abdominal surgery, if I can take The Challenge and wear a bikini for the first time in my life, so can you!

As a woman whose had twins, suffered from Crohn’s disease, and been super skinny wide at one time and then wide as a slide at others, I know what it feels like not to like the body you’re in. But, I’m proud to say that in the past year, I’ve gone down four dress sizes, gotten off all high blood pressure meds, have had no Crohn’s flare ups, and seen my husband lose 50 pounds, all due to the 90-Day Challenge. Plus, I won $1,000 for losing 10 pounds and you can too! Click here for more info. 
As a mom of six whose had major abdominal surgery, if I can take The Challenge and wear a bikini for the first time in my life, anybody can!



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