Vintage Extravaganza!!

I attended the Modern Vintage Chicago Spring Clothing & Jewelry Explosion on Saturday morning, and it was in one word–AMAZING!

The event was set up at Plumbers Hall on west Washington Street in Chicago’s West Loop. It’s an auditorium type building with plenty of parking (which is a HUGE plus for that part of town) and lots of inside and comfortable shopping space. It was perfect for what I thought was going to be a rummage sale, but ended up being a treasure of vintage EXTRAVAGANZA!!

As soon as I walked in, I was clearly taken by the fine, antique jeweled pieces, hats and shawls along the walls, as well as the beautiful garments and many other era pieces that lined the hallway prior to reaching the auditorium space that held the true gems tjat were on display for the sale.

I proceeded to fall in LOVE with everything from the classic purses to sequenced boots that were available for purchase. BUT…this was no cheap rummage sale. Some items were quite pricey, for my wallet anyway, but fair priced, I guess but I’m not the one to say. 

I stopped at almost every table that held bits and pieces of the past. I had been to vintage sales before but never anything that had such color, style and class as what was combined in this venue. NO JUNK!!

The stage was lined with dresses from President Kennedy, no…let me rephrase that…Jackie O’s era. It was fun to try on the classic hats and coats, touch vintage Chanel and Prada purses ($3500 bucks for the one I wanted– maybe next time! HA!) and try on the pretty classic jewelry that reminded me so much of my grandmother’s jewelry box.

Sally Schwartz, of Image Pilots, who I met the evening before, while she coordinated a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine that was to be published at a later date, is the creative director of the event. This woman is a combination of appeal, charm and wit and she’s just plain FUN. She has a bubbly personality as well as sheer knowledge of how to seamlessly host such an affair. She along with Amy Schlaff who works with her at Image Pilots were a dynamic duo and they were a ton of fun.

I was awed by Sally’s knowledge for the occasion. She created a young feel during the event by having youthful modes display some of the clothing and accessories and had them walk about the venue.

Lovely models included Sally’s own daughter Kasey Kozak, age 13 and the daughter of Latino Fashion Week president, Arabel Alva Rosales, age 12. These girls held their own as they modeled each classic garment. They carried themselves like classic ladies of the era and it was great fun as well as truly classy, to say the least, to watch them display the pieces throughout the weekend.

This is a “sale” for all–no matter what area you’re from. If you love classic, vintage, historic but not smelly or too worn items, this sale is for YOU! You won’t be disappointed.   

If I said it before, I’ll say it again– I really enjoyed this experience. I didn’t spend a lot of money, although I walked away with a vintage ring with multiple jeweled stones, a wooden necklace and a bracelet. I only spent 75 bucks when it was all said and done! Believe me when I say, If I had more money, I would’ve spent MUCH, MUCH more–NO DOUBT!! I’ll have to visit this one again. DEFINITIELY!

Randolph Street Market Festival runs throughout the year at Plumbers Hall. You can find the complete schedule and more information on their website:

Photos courtesy of Steve Starr –


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  • The parking at Plumber's hall is plentiful and FREE!!!!

  • Sorry you didn't make it to my booth, because I have vintage clothing from $15 up. Maybe you will find me at the October show... see ya then. Brenda Mickle, VintageVille (kitch, collectibles, art & antiques). Please friend it on fb.

  • OHHhhh Nooo, I did NOT. I wish I did!! Next time, definitely!! See you soon and on FB!! :)

  • Carmen, I absolutely LOVE what you wrote above and worship the ground you walk on (in your sparkly vintage boots)!! I was so glad you were able to come and experience the vintage fashion happening that is Modern Vintage Chicago -- everyone had fun getting campy for you, and strutting their stuff. You get the style and the drama attached to the one of a kind opportunities to create a look from pieces right out of the past. I thank Arabel for bringing you to us, you were inspiring. Beautiful, detailed write up, we'll sending this out to our list! Thanks again and hope to see you soon Carmen xo

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