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The Kitten Speaks--Yeah, I Like People!

Hi, my name is… Well, I am not really sure what my name is. My people keep changing it. First, I was named Cinnamon, then it was Phoebe. The grandkids call me Princess and the boss of the house (the guy who thinks he is the boss of the house) likes to call me Kitten.... Read more »

Making it Smooth--My First Smoothie Treat

Do you like smoothies?  Those creamy, slushy, icy drinks have never seemed appetizing to me. Barb and I did have a fantastic version of one at our Cabo time-share resort, but that was a chocolate-mocha confection, far different from the green sludgy ones that are so popular now. But times, and my appetites, are changing. My “diet” has gotten me... Read more »

President Trump has Sharpie Issues. So Do I!

We all know about President Trump, Hurricane Dorian, and the Alabama Sharpie Scandal. We have all seen that mysterious black Sharpie semi-circle that “supported” the contention that the Yellowhammer State was in line for an assault by the superstorm. Various weather agencies got into the act, defending or repudiating the claim. Fortunately and not surprisingly,  Alabama... Read more »

It Doesn't Get Better Than This! Driving With Baba.

My favorite book back in the day was “A Day Downtown With Daddy.” Yet, through more than five years and three grandchildren,  I had never taken one of them for an outing all by myself. Usually, when I see the grandkids I am with Barb. After all, she has the car seats in her car and... Read more »