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Weather: To Close School Or Not?

There’s no official word yet about whether school is going to be closed yet — but here’s the place for rumors, suggestions, and information as available.  What are they telling you at your school or on your telephone or email tree?  Do you think they should tell us now or wait until the morning?  What... Read more »

AM News: Debating The Expo, Lane Gets Gifted

Parents Debate Future of CPS Fox:  The future of the Chicago Public Schools was open for debate during a Town Hall forum at the Fourth Annual New Schools Expo at Soldier Field on Saturday… Parents explore options at New Schools Expo ABC7:  “Charter schools are Chicago Public Schools, contract schools. They are all open to the public, they all... Read more »

Should CPS Include All Of Cook County?

A mother in Akron Ohio faked her children’s address in order to avoid the local schools and gain access to another district, got caught, convicted, and failed — causing a national uproar.  Duncan: ‘Morally unacceptable’ that Ohio woman couldn’t find a good school for her son Yahoo News:  “Where children have one option and that option... Read more »

Weekend Open Discussion Section

What a week!  There are heated discussions going on about charters, school breakfast, and Smyth vs. Nettlehorst, but maybe you have something else on your mind.  Here’s the place for new or different topics, questions, and suggestions — maybe something going on at your school this year that you haven’t seen discussed, or an issue... Read more »

AM News: Lunch, Breakfast -- Now Dinner

Independent panel wants to recommend next schools chief Tribune:  By the time a new mayor takes office in May, the panel hopes to offer three top choices for a schools chief — people with experience in education rather than business… Dinner bell follows school bell for some students Tribune:  This year, 333 schools across Illinois, about 85 percent... Read more »

Residency: The Case For Jailing Emanuel

Residency:  The Case For Jailing Emanuel
Teachers get fired for claiming to live in the city when they don’t.  Parents can be convicted as felons and jailed for claiming that their children live in one school district rather than another (really, it’s true — happened in Ohio last week).  So if the court finds that Emanuel isn’t a resident as he... Read more »

Board Meeting: Choice Arguments Prevail

School board members approve new charter school contracts, Near West Side magnet school Catalyst:  The well-heeled charter school advocates even had a poll to point to.  By contrast, those urging board members to vote against the contracts were a hodge-podge of parents and community members, each fighting for their own specific neighborhood school… Seven new charter schools... Read more »

AM News: High Schools Prepare New Teachers

Asst. principal accused of attacking student:  The assistant principal of a Chicago high school is accused of attacking a female student. Jaime Jaramillo, 30, dragged and pushed the student in a school hallway at Steinmetz Academic Centre…  Proviso Principals’ Removal Protested:  Monday night hundreds of people protested the removal of the principals at Proviso East and... Read more »

Obama: Education Featured In State Of Union

There wasn’t anything unexpected but here’s a mini-roundup of education coverage of the President’s speech last night:  Obama issues call for education reform AP:  President Barack Obama is asking Congress to extend a $10,000 college tax credit and pay for thousands of new science and math teachers as part of a broad rewrite of the nation’s... Read more »

Coming Soon: Charters... Or Vouchers

Jim Broadway notes that charters may seem like a reasonable option (PDF) compared to alternatives “In fact, that is one of the motivations of Rep. Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville), whose HB 190 proposes to add five charter schools to the city of Chicago… Eddy’s proposed charter schools would be “devoted exclusively to students from low-performing or... Read more »