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Pictures: Edgy Mural Too Close To Farragut High?

A helpful reader sent in this shot of a mural that’s gone up about a block from Farragut on the side of Duarte’s Carbureators at 3337-3339 W. Cermak Rd: “It depicts a Disney cartoon character smoking a cigar and pouring Etch Bath (the stuff used to vandalize often very expensive windows) and a bottle of... Read more »

AM News: Only Del Valle & Davis Support Elected Board

Mayoral candidates split on elected Chicago school board idea Clout Street:  Three candidates (Emanuel, CMB, Chico] each said they are opposed to the idea and argued it could further politicize public education in Chicago…District’s financial records sought Tribune:  Prosecutors seek financial records from West Harvey-Dixmoor district, 4 years after state audit forced repayments.  Prosecutors are seeking information... Read more »

Events: Rap, Education, & The South Side

The event, which takes place on Jan. 6, will be an open forum where community leaders, organizations, adult educators, administrators, teachers and students can voice their opinions about education in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood (Cornel West, Rhymefest to Lead Education Forum Boombox,Seeking Votes from Grooves to Grades On Thursday, Jan. 6, Che “Rhymefest” Smith will be... Read more »

AM News: Davis Warns Clinton Off Emanuel Endorsement

Danny Davis Tells Bill Clinton To Back Off Huffington Post:  Clinton is expected to swing through Chicago in January to endorse Emanuel. When Rep. Davis heard about this, he issued a rather angry statement… With new year comes new laws Defender: Any information students provide will be kept confidential and the number – (888)-881-0606 –... Read more »

People: Hosanna Heads To DC

After a national search, former Duncan Chief of Staff Hosanna Mahaley has been appointed to be the new state superintendent for DC Public Schools under incoming mayor Gray, according to the Washington Post (Gray picks three outsiders for schools, jobs posts).  It’s a liaison position between the city council and Congress.  Interim chancellor Kaya Henderson... Read more »

Events: Reform Hearing In Springfield On Mon.

Word is that there’s going to be a Senate version of the House hearing held last week, this time on the Senate side and in Springfield.  I’ll try and get a witness list and agenda for you — or pass one on if you’ve already seen it.  Meantime, the CTU and a handful of other... Read more »

Schools: What To Do About Lavizzo... And Poe?

“Principal Tracey Delora Stelly, who took over [Lavizzo] in July 2009, has been changing school culture, enforcing discipline and boosting student confidence. She has replaced most teachers, set up support classes for struggling students and made the school a community hub, with a parents center that helps families find housing and jobs.Her kids know all... Read more »

AM News: No TIF Money For CPS, Says Davis

Danny Davis vows to reform City Hall WBEZ: Davis also said he would not use TIF money to fund Chicago Public Schools, one idea that has been proposed to help close the schools’ $1 billion budget shortfall… Chicagoans of the Year 2010 Chicago Magazine:  An educator, a sportsman, a preservationist, an orthopedic surgeon, a mother searching for a... Read more »

Event: Fundraiser For Francisco Mendoza

“You may be aware that this fall just before the beginning of school over 1100 teachers were laid off, 50 of whom were National Board Certified Teachers and many other award winning teachers.  200 were tenured and CPS ordered the court to reinstate them. One of those fired teachers was our 2003 OPPY Winner, Francisco... Read more »

AM News: Meeks Out Of Mayoral Race

Madigan Won’t Endorse Candidate for Mayor Clout:  Madigan has stayed out of the once-in-a-generation race for the open mayor’s job and is unlikely to endorse any of the candidates to succeed Daley, Madigan spokesman Steve Brown said Sunday… Moseley Braun talks education before tonight’s CTU forum:  A man donated his kidney to a woman he barely knew. A stranger... Read more »