Media: Koldyke Funds Turnarounds (& Turnaround Coverage)

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I have mixed feelings about the work being produced by the Chicago News Cooperative, a relatively new outfit putting out news online and for the Midwest edition of the New York Times.  Sometimes their stuff seems strong.  Other times it seems like it’s only barely a notch above what others — the Current, The Chronicle, Chicago Journal, etc. — are able to produce. 

Substance editor George Schmidt points out that, at least when it comes to coverage of school turnarounds, the Cooperative’s reporting has been thin (here) and doesn’t disclose the possible conflict of interest that arises from Martin Koldyke’s involvement in both turnarounds and the Coop (here). 

Should the Cooperative recuse itself from covering turnarounds, or disclose to readers the situation?  What do other papers do in similar situations?  I don’t know.  But it’s an interesting question, and I’ve put it to some other smarter journalism types for their consideration. 

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  • Make sure to let us know what you hear back on this journalism ethics question.

  • no response so far from anyone -- am now sending to miner and feder to see what they have to say, if anything.

  • point to schmidt -- the latest chicago news coop story discloses the relationship between koldyke and AUSL and CNC --

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