Obama's tarnished, dangerous peace prize

Former Polish President Lech Walesa expressed it best when reacting to the shocking announcement of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize:

“So soon? Too early. He has no contribution so
far. He is still at an early stage. He is only beginning to act,” said Walesa, a 1983 Nobel Peace laureate. “This is probably an encouragement for him to act. Let’s see if he perseveres. Let’s give him time to act.” 

On second thought
Walesa didn’t go far enough. Never has the Peace Prize been


If Obama gets the Peace Prize for the promise of things to come, where is the Peace Prize for someone who actually did more to reduce nuclear weapons than any other president–Ronald Reagan?

awarded on
the come. I’ll go even further: No one deserves to receive the prize
without a solid record of accomplishments. To suggest that this has
been awarded to “encourage” him to do something is moronic. 

the committee in Oslo justified its decision  by declaring that the
award is being made in part for encouraging “his initiatives to reduce
nuclear arms.” What initiatives? If anything, his approach has
encouraged Iran and the loons who run the place to pursue their plan to
create weapons and a delivery system that would allow them to strike
Israel and Eastern Europe with a nuclear warhead. Meanwhile, North
Korea goes merrily on its way with its own nuclear weapons program.

Nobel committee also said Obama deserves the award because of his
“easing American conflicts with Muslim nations and strengthening the
U.S. role in combating climate change.” One might ask “How so?” without
receiving a satisfying answer.

Notice that the committee’s language is in the past tense. Obama is being honored for his past
achievements, of which there are, well, few if not none. The guy hasn’t
even finished his first year in office, and the Nobel committee is
slobbering all over itself. It insults previous Nobel winners who have
achieved truly great things in the face of great odds and at great
risks. I would include in that former President Jimmy Carter who
managed to bring about peace between Israel and Egypt. On that basis, I
also would include former President Ronald Reagan, who managed to
reduce the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons more than any other
president–but with the Nobel’s left-leaning bias, there’s no chance of
that every happening.

But most important,
this is a dangerous decision. It gives Iran and North Korea
encouragement to continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons. It puts the
pressure on Obama to pursue a foreign policy path endorsed by the Nobel
committee, whoever they are.

In a word, this award is a disgrace.


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  • Sounds like someone is jealous...when it does not have to be this way...any positive story should be embraced these days, considering all the challenges that the whole world is living through!


  • In reply to joaquinvalm:

    Isn't the White House pressing the story that both Obamas are Irish? Just like every other Chicago politician since the first one moved to Bridgeport to dig the I & M Canal?

  • In reply to joaquinvalm:

    Conservatives were also mad when Al Gore won an Academy Award. If you win an award, any award, if you don't agree with them, then they're up in arms. Its not about being fair with them, they use that as a straw man, they're just using this as an opportunity to yell some more to draw attention away from genuine positive news.

  • In reply to joaquinvalm:

    Pretty sad....! Few voices here who seem able to recognize (1) a world's rare gratitude for a super-power (2) a sense of national pride in one's leader (3) that seeding in spring is no less an "accomplishment" than the harvest in summer! Reading blogs like this you get the sense that "the people" upon whom a democracy must operate, are staggeringly ill-informed, ill-intentioned, and ill-equipped to make this whole thing work. Where's that Philosopher-King Plato sought???

  • In reply to jackspatafora:

    The news later in the day seemed to acknowledge that this prize was in recognition that the committee was glad that Bush was gone, and thus was making a political statement. President Obama is also quoted (I don't know if accurately) that he didn't know that he was nominated, probably didn't deserve it, and would give the money to charity.

    The trustees may spend the Nobel legacy as they wish, but I don't think we necessarily have to take their rationale seriously, especially if the recipient doesn't.

  • In reply to joaquinvalm:

    Perhaps Obama might have said what General Sherman said: "If nominated I will not accept.....If elected (chosen) I will not run (accept)".

    He was about as qualified to receive that award as I am. If I were a previous winner of any of the previous Nobel awards this year, I would be mortified to have him in my circle.

    Nancy Pelosi is probably out dancing in the streets.

  • In reply to joaquinvalm:

    If I were the kind of racist that you think that I am, I would have said that Obama won only because he is black. Instead, I'll leave the racist comments for you to handle.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    The fact that you would even post this indicates that perhaps, you are racist.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Some of these responses are some of the most ill natured and unequivocally shameful that I have read about any social issue in a long time. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. What has the President done to any of you, personally, that would justify such disdain for this honor bestowed upon him? Do you not want the United States to be seen in a better light within the global community? I wouldn't be surprised to learn that any one of you would be the blame if god forbid something tragic were to happen to the man. Shame on you.

  • As a counterpoint to Lynn, I'm surprised that the otherwise consistently liberal "Frontline" is promoting its next program as "Obama's War." http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/ Doesn't sound like a Peace Prize achievement to me.

    There is a guy who ends all his posts on The Swamp with SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, BRING THEM HOME SAFE NOW. I have a feeling that unless he is a hypocrite, he isn't too pleased with this war, either.

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