Obamacare excludes illegal immigrants

Oh, by the way, President Barack Obama now agrees with eight out of ten Americans when he says illegal immigrants shouldn’t receive the same government health care benefits that would be available to everyone who’s here legally.

The White House has issued, at last, details of its position on benefits for illegal aliens, prompted by the uproar over Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during the president’s speech before Congress. Apparently for all its rudeness and inappropriateness, it accomplished something: smoking out the White House position on something.

The president’s position undoubtedly will disturb those on the far left who believe that citizenship and entering the country illegal mean nothing. But it should be noted that if you read the president’s position carefully, it leaves open large loopholes for illegals to still leave free healthcare through hospital emergency room provisions.


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  • Obama checked the polls and changed his tune.

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