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ProFootballTalk disputes the John Clayton-begun report that the Bears are no longer considering Plaxico Burress as an option at receiver.  Here’s what I have to say about the Bears lack of interest: Bull. Shit.

The only reason any team with a need at wideout would not consider Plax is character (not salary) and it is impossible to make a significant financial commitment to a player when you’re unsure if that player will be avilable on Sundays.  Can the Bears confidently state that Burress won’t be suspended for the bulk of the 2009 campaign?  Do they believe he’ll be eating his lunches alongside a guy doing 15-20 for first-degree manslaughter?  Is it not crazy to commit eight million dollars for what might be only eight games?

Plax is not a good wide receiver.  He’s a great wide receiver.  His signing would make the Chicago Bears the odds-on favorite to walk through the NFC North.  But we should expect nothing of note until Goodies makes his official decision and lets the league know how available the player will be to play.  Until that moment, all speculation is pointless. 


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  • Goodell has announced the league is now looking into Plaxico's case. Can you say "Suspension"?

  • Remember when his attorney was blowing smoke about "Hang 'em High" Roger not taking any action until the case had been adjudictcated? LOL. I believe I referenced the league's handling of the Pacman Jones situation. Oh well, counselor, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". I will still be STUNNED if Burress ever lines up in Navy & Orange.

  • I really dont care about PLAX! or MARSHALL! or anyother WR out there that the Bears "MUST" get...I wouldnt mind bringing in Toomer or Harrison but Im Happy with what we got right now as a is so fucking annoying how hungry some of you guys are for a fucking WR with legal issues.....Bears dont need any distractions, we are GREAT! with what we have right now!

  • very valid points sir. hopefully our receiving core (hester, bennett, davis, and olsen) can get the job done, but with our weak schedule this year, we should dominate the North. only time will tell though.

    GO CUTLER GO!!!!

  • Screw Plax Burress. The guy created his own situation bu not owning up to what he has done. By all accounts he has turned down plea bargains on his gun charge that may have resulted in less punishment fron NY and the NFL than what he will face now. He WILL do jail time and obviously, NFL suspension but it could have only been three months. This all could have been behind him by now. He is selfish to think he can get this to blow over and obviously stupid for being in this situation in the first place. Character issues? hell yea!! We don't need them or him in the locker room. I say grow our own superstars. Hester,Olsen and the rookies will step up this year. Next years free agency could bring a veteran to help these guys even more. Screw Plax.
    BEAR DOWN BEARS!!!!!!!


  • in case you didnt get a chance to read my post from yesterday.....


    I had my 10 year high school reunion (Chesterton Indiana, class of '99) last night, which was surreal in the first place.... 5 hour drive and it's weird seeing ppl you havent seen in forever... anyway, we had a blast. open bar, my wife looked amazing, and we felt like a million bucks...

    So, afterwards we wanted to change clothes and go to a bar. We did. Dandee put on some jeans and a nice shirt, and i threw on ye ole authentic, home, bears, cutler jersey....

    A little bird at the bar told me something that related to my shirt. I told my wife "i'll be right back," so as to investigate. 2 miles and a tiny shithole dive bar later, i'm watching the value of said jersey increase 10 fold as a one Jay Cutler, quaterback of these Chicago Bears, is signing the 6 on the back.... the way, my ex-girlfriend, the one that broke my heart, is alone, preagnant, broke, and unhappy.

    BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!


  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Haven't posted for a while, but am a constant reader of this site. I was hoping my first post on the new site would be a little more profound, but maybe the next one will be.

    I'm from Chesterton too Duff. Seen you on this site a lot but never gleaned that info. I'm a good bit younger(class of '05). Would you have happened to be at the Village when you met Jay? I got a text message late that night, but I live down in Bloomington and thought it was a joke. I would have had mine signed that night too. My mom got it for me immediately since she knew Jay's dad(like everyone else's parents in Chesterton).

    On a more football related note...
    We could use receivers in this order:
    1. Boldin-would be a dream
    2. Plax- if the NFL punishment is minimal, SCOOP HIM
    3. Marshall- will probably beat some women, but will catch balls
    4. Harrison- probably not going to be a huge performer, but no one can teach the other WRs and Jay more about preparation and execution.

    Toomer needs to find his way out of this conversation.

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Keith Van Horne probably heard that from Da Blog because I think we talked about Harris for Marshall last week. I hope to hell it doesn't happen though. Tommie Harris could be an elite player with proper coaching and preparedness (where our Rod Marinelli comes into the equation) and I don't think Brandon Marshall is worth a Tommie Harris.

    On another note, I have to agree with the uniform talk. I hated the white on white last season. Reminded me of the 1970s Bears (brrr). I prefer to be reminded of the 1980s Bears and the 2005-2006 Bears with white jersies and blue trousers. But that decision isn't up to me, or us.

    Oh, and like the dentist always says, "No Plax!" Go on, laugh at my lame quip. Laugh damnit!

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Ghost, you're a good man......but "trousers"? Ha ha!

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Trading Tommie Harris, Ghost? My guess is that it's not out of the realm of possibilty. I would remind everyone that the Bears have, on more than one occassion, had to sit Tommie Harris down and have serious heart to heart chats about motivation, feeling sorry for himself and getting/keeping his head in the game. I would be willing to bet that ex-Marine, Viet Nam Vet and "tunnel rat", Rod Marinelli, does not bring a "warm & fuzzy" approach to his defensive line coaching style. Maybe Tommie's not picking up what Rod's layin' down.

    Careful what you wish for, ESPNemy. If Brandon Marshall DOES "beat some women" again, he won't be around to catch ANY balls. At this point he's gotta be on Goodell's "conduct detrimental to the league" radar.

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Tommie Harris' performance hasn't suffered as much as people are making it out to be. He actually had slightly better stats in 2008 than in 2006 when he went to the Pro Bowl. He was in 2 more games in 2008 than in '06 and had 11 more solo tackles and the same number of sacks (5.0). Don't write him off yet. Especially not with Marinelli tugging on the reins.

    I think Harris is off the table largely because Marinelli is there. Mark my words...they won't trade Harris. And if they do then I will buy a Jared Allen jersey and wear it to a Bears game.

  • and btw, sign plax! So what if he gets suspended. he'll be fresh for the playoffs! no way he gets more than 16 games. i doubt he'll get more than 8. if he has to do a stallworth month in jail, he can start in the middle of february.

    we were 2 fumbles in carolina away by GO, or a blown coverage away in atlanta, from last years playoffs!!! if the giants would have gave a shit in minny, or we wouldnt have blown the tampa or houston game, we were in. all with KO, st claire, fred miller, etc...

    sign him. we'll make it without him. The queens will implode by then. our true competition is the piss and puke. mark my words....

  • Are we still talking about this? They're not going to sign Plaxico Burress. And they SHOULD NOT.

    And by the way, Jeff, "Plax is not a good wide reciever. He's a great wide reciever." I wish this was some of your usual sarcastic tone, but I don't think it is. So I must ask if you are kidding? A great wide reciever? He's good, yeah. He might be the best wide reciever in free agency. But he's certainly NOT great.

    Leave the reciever roster how it is. Signing anyone else may retard the progression of the younger guys. We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one, pal.

  • Im with you Ghost! Jeff sorry bud but WTF are you smoking?

  • Anybody have any idea about our road uniforms this year? Kinda off subject but I cant help but think how good #6 is going to look in the blue road pants. I have to say.....our uniforms are classic and I love them, but we look so much better when we ditch the white/white road uniforms. Its just painful to look at. What do u guys think?

  • I prefer the White tops / Blue pants road scheme.
    Not crazy about white/white. Or Orange/White at home for that matter. I think Orange/Blue would be a better look.
    And please, no blue /blue.

    And a POX on certain national media types who reference the Bears in BLACK jerseys. It's Navy Blue, you morons.

    Hey!? Why do I suddenly feel limp-wristed and speak with a lisp?

    Muth be all thith talk about fahshun!

  • John Clayton getting it wrong? Go figure!

  • BDG- how many more games has Burress played than Boldin? 48 more games? oh but clearly Burres is better though right...haha yea ok buddy...

  • boldin played across from fitzgerald almost his entire career and the defenses are going to expect them to pass. the best talent to play across from burress is hines ward. that coupled with the D fixating on the run will open up a lot of oppertunities. boldin getting more YDs/1stD/TDs per game is more impressive than burress getting more YDs/1stD/TDs per reception to me. the only things i like better about burress are his lack of injuries and the fact that hes wouldn't cost any draft picks

  • Scuttlebutt around Boldin that I hear has teams concerned about his long-term durability. He's one tough hombre, but there is concern about his hip issues shortening his career.
    I don't care who you are, you need 2 good hips to play this game.

    I think the Plaxico issue is as good as dead now that Goodell has announced that the league is now looking into things. It makes Burress the equivalent of RADIOACTIVE for as long as it takes for the NFL to decide whether or not to drop a suspension on him and they tend to take their own sweet time in these matters which won't help Plaxico either.

  • 1) Sure sounds like Plex isn't playing anywhere for the next year (indefinite suspension) - which, given the timing of his court case and how seriously NY takes their gun laws, means he ain't playing again in the NFL...ever.
    2) WTF is Percy Harvin doing in his downtime? Maybe he needs to spray some Lysol on his hookah or be a little more picky on his spin-the-bottle partners..the guy's been laid up with the flu for the entire OTA schedule.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Glad you mentioned Harvin, MikeBrownhadaPosse. Isn't it hilariously ironic that the ONLY rookie who failed to attend the NFL ROOKIE SYMPOSIUM is the guy who is almost universally seen as the one who needed to be there the most. Oh, and if anyone believes he missed it because he is "sick" then they probably believe Brett Favre really wanted to stay with the Packers, too.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Yeah, Harvin is going to go down in flames. Of course, Minnesota knows lots about low-character characters. Exhibits A, B, and C being their defensive front line. Exhibits D through X being their roster around the time of the Love Boat.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I know this is off subject, but I have a question. With the addition of all the new personal and especially JCut, would it not be wise to start having padded practice offense against defense say maybe a couple days a week until the regular scheduled practice to work the wide receivers and some of the newer guys to better see where we stand. Nothing like real headbanging to see where everybody is at. More practice the better, right?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Yeah, he was at the Village. I didnt believe it at first...

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


    This probably won't make the cut by the time you do another article, but I wanted to vent about Mark Sloth on E#@!. They are discussing the rookie symposium where Chris Carter spoke and MS, yet again, mentions JC as a cry baby, immature or whatever in reference to telling his rookie son that he had better never act like that. He pisses me off so much, he is a band wagon slime ball and I will be anxiously awaiting watching him jump onboard when JC starts carrying this team as we know he is majorly capable of.

    Mark Sloth needs to shut up. It just amazes me these x-players that get behind the counter, how they just blither blither blither, just trying to get attention, but not really providing any real insight or "expertise". I will give it to Jaws when he does analysis of games and shows coverages etc... but that's about it. It would be such a pleasure to see some real objectivity on the network, or even be required to have a counter opinion like dem vs rep or something.

    Vent complete.

    So what's up, we going to have some spectacular video of training camp this season, last years Roy Boy helped out a lot in getting us through those final days before the season finally opened. What's the plan dawg, you are getting paid now right, you should be able to get a real media pass now, if not maybe you can hire someone to report "Zach Zaidman" style or something. I know I will be on the official bears site, this site and the Score, throughout training camp till opening day just to get every last drop of info till the season starts.

    Any plans?

    Well another day down, another day closer, this is going to be a killer season, the most exciting anticipation I can remember since the Super Bowl!

    Go Bears!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Nice post Shonbear. I always enjoy reading your in-depth vents.
    I hope we get someone like Roy-Boy this season.
    Heres a question for ya'll before Jeff makes his weekend blog: Will we have the best linebacking core this year? The propoganda home page thinks we will but there is some mean linebackers out there.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I wouldnt be surprised if there is more to the story with this asshole Harvin. Being as big a Miami Hurricane fan as I am a Bear fan, Ive had to swallow the bullshit hype force fed to us by the media about this dude. It always seems to be something with this kid and it wont surprise me in the least if he pulls his typical "holier than thou" routine with the ViQueers. They fuckin deserve each other.

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