Kris Bryant's Historic Game In Haiku

Kris Bryant's Historic Game In Haiku

Bryant – historic
Arrieta – just human
Cubs lead – back to ten

The crowd of almost 32,000 in Cincinnati, including plenty of Cubs fans, saw history being made on Monday night as the Cubs defeated the Reds 11-8.

Jake Arrieta earned his 12th win of the season, but was hardly stellar on the mound. His offensive performance was as surprising as his pitching was a disappointment.

Five walks, four strike outs
But two for three at the plate
Home run in the fifth

Today’s headlines would have been about Arrieta’s struggles on the mound, but something else happened last night – fireworks every time Cubs third baseman / right fielder / left fielder Kris Bryant came to the plate.

First inning – double
Third inning – solo home run
Fourth – a three run shot

Half way through the game, Bryant was perfect at the plate with 10 total bases and 5 RBIs. But he wasn’t finished.

Sixth – lead off double
Eighth – another solo shot
Never done before

When all was said and done the National League’s leader in All-Star voting had 3 home runs and 2 doubles, something that has never happened before in modern baseball history. His 16 total bases was also a Cubs franchise record, and he became the youngest player in Cubs history to hit 3 home runs in a game. Not to mention he played three different positions on defense.

Combined with a Cardinals loss to the Royals, the Cubs are once again 10 games up on their Central Division rival and 23 games above .500. Perhaps the north-siders are getting a break facing the basement-dwelling Reds after their worst week of the season, but we’ll take it.

Another win today or tomorrow will help fans remember that the baseball season is long, and there will be losing streaks. Better they come in June than in September.
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