The Madhouse On Addison

The Madhouse On Addison
Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

After the rains came
Before the Cubs walk-off win
We watched the Blackhawks

Rain delays at Wrigley Field can be boring. The concourse is too small to handle the thousands of fans seeking shelter, night game beer sales end at 10:30 regardless of the inning, and until this season there wasn’t much to do while waiting for the weather to clear.

Until this season.

In what was perhaps the greatest use of the Jumbrotron in the 10 weeks since Opening Night, fans who – like us – had seats sheltered from the storm were able to enjoy the Blackhawks game 5 victory on new outfielthe giant screen.

Initially, it was just a highlight – Patrick Sharp’s open net goal in the first period. But then a message appeared telling us that soon – and as long as it rained – we’d be seeing the game live on a screen bigger than any living room, bigger than any sports bar, and with a bigger crowd than anywhere outside the United Center.

My daughter suggested Wrigley be renamed for the evening:

The icing on the cake was a thrilling walk-off win by the Cubs. After the rain subsided and the tarp was taken up, the Reds quickly tied the game in the sixth. But a Kris Bryant double and Starlin Castro single in the ninth gave the Cubs a victory just before Saturday night ended at Wrigley Field.

We’ve got tickets for Monday night’s Cubs game and have been debating whether or not to sit in Wrigley Field while the Blackhawks play for the Stanley Cup a few miles away. I say it would be more fun to celebrate with 30 or 40 thousand fans at Wrigley than to be home alone – even if it meant following the Stanley Cup finals on our phones. My daughter isn’t sure she’d be able to find a cab home after the game if, as happened last time, celebrations erupt along Clark Street.

Then I had an idea:

Despite a rain delay of almost 3 hours, last night ranks on my top 10 – maybe top 5 – list of Wrigley experiences. I’ve seen a no-hitter (Hotlzman) , a strike-out record being tied (Wood) , and even a World Series. Saturday was definitely the most fun we’ve had watching the Blackhawks on a video screen. But winning the Stanley Cup tomorrow night during a rain delay might be the best night at Wrigley yet.

Until Joe Maddon makes good on his promise.

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