Opening Day In Haiku: Let The Party Begin

Opening Day In Haiku: Let The Party Begin

It’s that time again
Loyal fans flock to Wrigley
For Opening Day

Perhaps in recognition that the product on the field might not be very good, the Cubs have been reminding us all winter that it’s going to be the “Party of The Century” at Wrigley Field. That’s because it’s been 100 years since the first ballpark was built at Clark and Addison.

It wasn’t called Wrigley Field, and the Cubs weren’t playing there. But it was a ballpark. So the Cubs marketing department has their theme for the season. But don’t be too cynical – Wrigley is a classic ballpark (please don’t call it a stadium) and if fans are honest, they’ll admit it’s one of the reasons they came to love (or at least be fans of) the Cubs. There’s nothing like a summer afternoon – or a cold April afternoon – at the Friendly Confines.

It’s a tradition
Wrigley, the Cubs, my daughter
Freezing our butts off

I had been to a few opening days through the years, but it didn’t become a habit until about 10 years ago when I cursed my youngest daughter with Cubs fandom. We started making sure Opening Day was included with our ticket purchases for the season, and after the Cubs Convention each winter we’d look forward to that cold day in April when we’d see live baseball again.

Now we’ve got season tickets, and the first rule for my “partners”,  who help to pay for this extravagance, is that I get the tickets for Opening Day. It doesn’t matter how cold it is (we’ll layer up) and it doesn’t matter how good we expect the Cubs to play (there’s always next year). Baseball – and especially Opening Day – is all about tradition.

And hoping that the Cubs will be victorious and the “W” flag will fly.

And tradition.
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