Cubs In Haiku: Cubs Figure Out WHEN To Get Hits

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs Figure Out WHEN To Get Hits
Chicago Tribune photo by Scott Strazzante

First 5 games, 8 runs
14 runs in next 2 games
But only 1 win
2 Castro home runs
Renteria ejected
Much more fun to watch

If the Cubs perform like they did on Sunday and Tuesday the season will at least hold the promise of some exciting baseball despite minuscule odds of finishing even in the top half of the Central Division.

The offense managed just about the same number of hits per game as the first week of the season, but run production increased more than 300%. And there’s a very clear reason. After batting .100 (4-for-40) with runners in scoring position through Saturday, the Cubs were 7-for-14 in that category to start this week.

Even though the Cubs lost, Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer called Tuesday night’s game the most exciting of the year so far as the Cubs manged to tie the game in the 7th. And Sunday’s game was almost never in doubt. Add 2 home runs by Starlin Castro on Tuesday and the first ejection of a Cubs manager this year, and you’ve got a great night at the ballpark.

The Cubs won just one of these games, but given expectations this season we should all be happy to see the Cubs play .500 ball. Especially if it’s as much fun as these two games.


Link to Sunday box score: Cubs 8, Phillies 3
Link to Tuesday box score: Pirates 7, Cubs 6

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