Olympics In Haiku: LGBT Activists Arrested For Quoting Olympic Charter

Olympics In Haiku: LGBT Activists Arrested For Quoting Olympic Charter

That didn’t take long
Quoting Olympic Charter
Not cool in Russia

At virtually the same moment as the Opening Ceremonies of the 22nd Winter Olympics were to begin, police moved in on a small group of demonstrators who were preparing to hang a banner from the Belinskiy Bridge.  The banner quoted Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter:

“Discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic Movement”

Dave Zirin of The Nation reports that the police moved in quickly:

We also know, according an LGBT activist who witnessed the arrests that their demonstration was over before it started, with police speeding in and surrounding the four in the time it would take to flip a coin.

How did the police respond so quickly?

As this eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous out of safety concerns, said to Buzzfeed, “Either the phones are being listened to or maybe there are cameras all over the city; only a few people knew about this action.”

Maybe Edward Snowden has some information he can provide about government surveillance in Russia.

As has been widely reported, Russian law makes it illegal to engage in “propaganda” that might support gay rights. But what does that word mean?

Is it propaganda if your five-year-old daughter proudly tells her teacher that she has two mommies? Is it propaganda if you listen to music by an LGBT artist that your neighbor can hear through their walls? Is it propaganda if you are the Pope and you say about the prospect of Gay priests, “Who am I to judge?” The answer is a loud and emphatic, “Maybe… but do you really want to risk finding out?”

Apparently the host country of the Winter Olympics considers it propaganda to quote the Olympic Charter.


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