Haiku Answer: Blowing In, The Wind

Haiku Answer: Blowing In, The Wind


Thanks to shifting winds
Castro’s game winning grand slam
Was just a long out


Of course, it’s just a cheap excuse to blame the wind. All afternoon on a relatively balmy Monday afternoon, the wind was blowing out – hard. It had all the makings of a high scoring affair with lots of home runs. The Cubs catcher Wellington Castillo had the only homer – a 2 run shot in the second.  But the Brewers were in command the entire game.

Win blown hits helped the Brewers score four runs before the Cubs came to bat and the Cubs were never able to catch up, even though the wind didn’t shift until the ninth inning.

It didn’t seem likely that the Cubs would mount a comeback, but they gave it a valiant effort. Four singles in the final inning brought the Cubs to within 3 runs with nobody out.  When Scott Hairston reached on a error, the bases were loaded with just one out. Dave Sappelt struck out, but then Stalin Castro – the only bright spot in the Cubs opening day offense – came to bat representing the winning run.

Earlier in the game, his long fly to right field might have made it to the bleachers and created a happy ending for those who stuck around. But with the wind blowing straight in, it was just a long out to end the game and the Cubs lost their home opener to the Brewers by a score of 7-4.

It shouldn’t have mattered – the Cubs should have scored more than 2 runs before the ninth inning. But it’s frustrating to imagine what might have been if the wind gods hadn’t decided to turn on the Cubs.

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