Cubs In Haiku: Streak!

Cubs In Haiku: Streak!


The offense still sucks
But Cubs get second straight win
First streak of the year

Old habits die hard. So even though the Cubs managed their first winning streak of the season (if you consider 2 in a row to be a streak) there’s still something negative to focus on. The Cubs managed 10 hits Friday night, which is pretty good. But there’s some bad news at the bottom of the box score … 1-for-7 with RISP and 6 LOB. Plus, all of the scoring came on home runs – both by Anthony Rizzo, and both scoring Dave Sappelt from first base.

Last night’s closer was Kevin Gregg, who got the save without allowing the Marlins a base runner. 15 pitches, 1 strike out, and an easy fly ball to left to end the game with the Cubs winning 4-2. But, as the haiku tweet of the night indicated, Cubs fans were ready for the worst as the bottom of the ninth appoached:

Let’s finish with a little schadenfreude. Because if we can’t be happy with the way the Cubs are playing, we might as well take a little pleasure in the fact that the fans of another team are just as miserable.

Of course it’s hard to be a Cubs fan – especially this year. But pity the poor Marlins’ fan. Not only are they the only NL team with a worse batting average than the Cubs (and the only team to lose to the Cubs twice in a row) but Joe Mahoney’s home run last night was the team’s second at home this year. And while the Cubs are just 3-and-5 at Wrigley Field, the Marlins are 2-and-9 at Marlins Park.

And the Cubs have two more games in Miami before returning to Chicago. So we’ve got that going for us.


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Photo Credit: By Sarah Marie Jones (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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