Errors In Haiku: Cubs vs. Barney vs. Ryan

Errors In Haiku: Cubs vs. Barney vs. Ryan

The Cubs, Wednesday night
Three errors in one inning
That was pretty bad

But Darwin Barney
Set league’s errorless record
For second basemen

Then there’s Paul Ryan
Had more errors than the Cubs
In a single speech

The Cubs committed three errors in the seventh inning Wednesday night, contributing (along with an anemiac offense) to their defeat at the hands of the Brewers. But there are two ways to spin this so that the team doesn’t look quite so bad.

First, Darwin Barney set a National League record for most consecutive errorless games by a second baseman in a single season at 114. The Cubs first error in the seventh was originally charged to Barney, but after a review, official scorer Bob Rosenberg changed his call and gave the error to third baseman Luis Valbuena – who had gone a total of 7 games without an error.

As the seventh dragged on, it seemed like a good time to switch to coverage of the GOP Convention. Perhaps it would be even less painful than watching the Cubs. I stuck with the Cubs, but that brings up the second way to spin last night’s events in the Cubs’ favor.

Yes, the Cubs committed three errors in one inning, but GOPher VP nominee Paul Ryan committed more errors in a single speech. And other speakers at the Republican convention just added to the total.

According to the independent fact-checking site  Ryan committed at least 5 errors during his speech in Tampa on Wednesday night.

Another independent site,, evaluated two other statements, deeming one “Mostly False” and another “Half True”

The definitely not independent, progressive website, identified the “6 Worst Lies In Paul Ryan’s Speech“, which included  several of the errors cited by Factcheck and Politifact.

Poltifact also evaluated statements by other speakers, deeming at least one as merely, “False” and another as a “Pants On Fire” lie.

Of course, all politicians spin things and omit incovenient facts. There will be a similar analysis of what speakers say at the Democratic  Convention next month. Everyone will have their own viewpoint about which candidate, and which party, is more concerned about telling the  truth to the American people. But you should know that one of Romney’s pollsters said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

I enjoy a political debate just as much (maybe even more) than the next person, but it’s really depressing that we don’t have good Cubs baseball to distract us from these political errors.


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