Cubs In Haiku: What A Silly Bunt

Cubs In Haiku: What A Silly Bunt
Tribune photo by Armando L. Sanchez

Johnson’s surprise bunt
Campana scores from third base
Cubs defeat the Cards


Okay, it wasn’t really silly. But it didn’t look so good at first.

Reed Johnson’s pinch-hit bunt in the 7th inning wasn’t great, going into the air. ┬áBut because it caught the Cardinals infield by surprise, it fell to the ground and wasn’t fielded by pitcher Brian Fuentes until Tony Campana had already scored from third with what would be the winning run, and Johnson was on his way to first with an RBI single.

Three runs is pretty typical for the Cubs these days, and a depressingly low output, but on Saturday it was enough to win.

For those of you who are not Monty Python fans and don’t understand the title of this post – or if you are a Monty Python fan and just want to laugh again – click here, listen for about 45 seconds and all will be blear … er … klear.

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