Cubs In Haiku: Worse Than Expected

Cubs In Haiku: Worse Than Expected
Starlin Castro is hit by a pitch in the seventh inning on Sunday (Tribune photo by José M. Osorio)

Low expectations
Should be easy to exceed
Yet Cubs disappoint

Almost three weeks in
You can count the games they’ve won
On less than one hand

But there’s a bright side
Tickets should be pretty cheap
When I want to go

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  • It being Wrigley Field, your third stanza will probably not come to pass.*

    I wonder what your Red Sox Haiku would have been, considering that they took Marlon Byrd, and it was said on the radio today that Theo knew he was leaving a mess in Beantown. But apparently they are happy.

    *I still have a marketing book that said 11 years ago that the Cubs could increase prices 50% and it wouldn't affect attendance. I don't think things have changed.

  • The Cubs only have dynamic pricing in the bleachers. For cheap tickets, check Stubhub.

    $19 each for up to 3 tickets in Aisle 421 (face value $45) for Wednesday afternoon against the Cardinals.

    There are dozens of tickets available for $5 or less.

    Except for the Marquee games, cheap tickets will be available for almost the entire schedule - just like last year.

    But I suppose you could make an argument that tickets are more expensive than last year. At the beginning of the 2011 season, tickets were, at least one day, under a dollar.

  • Epstein, Epstein, no!
    We must alter the surname.

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